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Subject: (Fwd) [Stop-traffic] Costa-Rica
From: Bruce Harris - Casa Alianza (bruce@casa-alianza.org)
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 15:37:55 EST

I believe the source is the La Nacion Online edition (La Nacion is
the princiapl national daily here in Costa Rica).

La Nacion came out with a damning attack on the President for
underestimating the number of sexually exploited children in Costa
Rica. He, together with the Minister of Justice and the Minister of
Public Security, still use the "20 or 30" figure when the US State
Depratment report on Human Rights in Costa Rica (Feb. 2000)
uses the figure of 3,000 in San Jose (the capital) alone.

There is a lot of information and updates about this issue on our
homepage <www.casa-alianza.org>


Bruce Harris

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We were sent this article, but we would like to try and find the original source. Is it a hoax or is it a real report and has there been any rebuttal from Bruce ?

The president's estimation of the number of underage sex workers seems very low. Has anyone been able to document that there is more than 30 underage women in prostitution in Costa Rica ?

Also how are they defining child sex workers in Costa Rica, are young women aged 15-18 considered children or does child sex worker mean a prepubescent girl or boy ?

Ildiko K
Salamon Alapitvany

South America:
31st December 2000
_President slams US media over child sex claims_
President Miguel Angel Rodriguez's government, enraged
by a series of international media reports alleging a
child-sex industry in the country, has criticised
campaigning groups and the U.S. news media for falsifying
statistics in what he calls a concerted effort to damage
his country's image.
"The truth is that this subject has me furious,"
Rodriguez said recently. "Now is the time when all
Costa Ricans must unite to defend the dignity of this
Rodriguez has criticized many of the stories in the
past, but the latest - broadcast Dec. 8 on ABC's 20/20
and shown Dec. 18 in Costa Rica with Spanish subtitles
- caused the president to call a series of strongly
worded news conferences.
Rodriguez and his cabinet members have accused ABC and
other news media of falsifying statistics on the
numbers of underage prostitutes.
His government says Bruce Harris, a child-welfare
advocate, is masterminding an international campaign to
vilify Costa Rica.
Monica Nagel, the justice minister, added that by
publicizing Costa Rica's alleged juvenile sex trade,
Harris was encouraging pedophiles to visit.
"What we need is Harris working in Costa Rica, not
promoting sex tourism and defaming the country... He
just says these things to raise money for his group,"
she said.
President Rodriguez has even threatened to send a
formal diplomatic note to the U.S. government. He has
stated that there are no more than "20 or 30" underage
prostitutes in Costa Rica.

****The Salamon Alapitvany works for the right of all women to make informed choices and believes t
hat such choices should be respected and supported by others.*****

If you have received this message in error please let us know.

Remember to visit www.FreeElona.com

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"In their little worlds in which children have their existence,
there is nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt,
as injustice...."

Charles Dickens, "Great Expectations"
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