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Subject: [Stop-traffic] NEWS/EU: EU/WOMEN/CHILDREN.
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 08:46:56 EST


Brussels, 22/12/2000 (Agence Europe) - The European Commission has
allocated 5 million euro, from the budget EU 2000, for 47 projects
beginning in 2001 and aimed at combating violence against women and
children, in the framework of the "Daphne" programme. Established by a
Council and Parliament decision in 1997, on a proposal by the Commission,
this programme has already supported 150 NGO projects combating violence
against women and children, for a total of 11.5 million euro. The 2000
programme differs from the earlier initiative as:
1) public establishments may henceforth put in their candidacy, whereas
previously only NGOs and the charity organisations were eligible;
2) the programme is also open to countries candidates for EU membership
from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to EFTA countries (see EUROPE
of 31 March 2000).
Welcoming this decision, the European commissioner responsible for justice
and home affairs, Antonio Vitorino said that: "Although the Member States
have the prime responsibilty to tackle this problem, the European Community
can help by encouraging the creation of networks, exchange of information
and common recognition of best practice. We can also reduce violence by
raising public awareness of its causes and consequences". The Commissioner
especially welcomed participation of the candidate states in this
programme, countries that share a common problem of the trafficking in
women and children, and which will benefit to a great extent from the
Daphne programme.
The projects approved cover a large range of activities. For example:
1) violence against children: development of a global model to take on
victims of intra-family sexual abuse; identification of child Internet
victims; providing advice and guidance to professionals concerned about how
to identify and support children who are abused and pictured online; 2
)violence against women: breaking cultural taboos linked to domestic
violence between the immigrant populations; strengthening the networks of
associations combating modern forms of slavery;
3) trafficking in human beings: evaluating models of assistance to victims
so as to identify best practice; training and methodological support to
training (brochures, videos, guides); creation of networks or even Internet
sites to guarantee better protection for victims of trafficking;
4) genital mutilation of women; the setting up of an information campaign
and the training of medical personnel, as well as psychological support for
the victims.
Not Available for Re-dissemination.
(c) Agence EUROPE, Brussels 2000.
AGENCE EUROPE 23/12/2000
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