RE: [Stop-traffic] News/RUSSIA: Russian grandmother 'wanted to sell child for organs'

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Subject: RE: [Stop-traffic] News/RUSSIA: Russian grandmother 'wanted to sell child for organs'
From: Joshi, Aiko (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 11:33:45 EST


I will have to research and see if the corporation was found guilty or not. I believe they did go to trial, but I have not heard the outcome. As for transportation and storage, that would not be a problem _if_ a corporation were involved. I imagine they would handle it the same way a legitimate company would handle such things.

I think that as human rights activists, we all have a responsibility in checking to see if stories alleging such abuses are true no matter how ludicrous they may sound. Just think how ludicrous it sounded to many about slavery, sex trafficking, forced labour that is going on today, in 2001! Even now, there are those (and I believe we had one subscriber like this) who would not believe that such things occur. Or if they do, they occur at rare intervals or at a much smaller scale than what is shown to be.

There were stories of organs being sold in Guatemala, and Casa Alianza, which is doing great work among the street children in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador (and also working on trafficking issues now), might be a good source to find out more facts about any organs being taken and sold. Bruce Harris is the director and founder.

If such allegations _are_ discovered to be unfounded and untrue, all the better! But it behooves us in human rights work to try and uncover as much as possible whether or not it is really going on. I think it would be a disservice to any alleged and/or potential victims if we choose to scoff at or ignore these claims.

In solidarity, Aiko Joshi

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Subject: Re: [Stop-traffic] News/RUSSIA: Russian grandmother 'wanted to
sell child for organs'

Dear Aiko,

This corporation was indicted...but was it found guilty? That seems like a
pretty important part of the story, if we ascribe at all to the
international principle of presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

I do recall there was case like this -- maybe it was this one -- in Brooklyn
with certain murky charges involving Chinese prisoners on death row whose
organs were allegedly being sold. I would like to hear how they solved the
problem of transportation and storage. There are Chinese human rights
activists like Harry Wu who claim that organs are sold. There is testimony
like this. But it is extremely hard to prove. And in the case of Russia,
there is not even testimony from credible human rights groups or lawyers as
there apparently has been in China.

One can combat trafficking of human beings without adopting a lot of wacky
stories along the way.

Cathy Fitzpatrick

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