Re: [Stop-traffic] News/RUSSIA: Russian grandmother 'wanted to sell child for organs'

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Subject: Re: [Stop-traffic] News/RUSSIA: Russian grandmother 'wanted to sell child for organs'
From: Salamon Alapitvany (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 15:38:40 EST

Another interesting thing about this story is that for many years the organ
selling story always focused on the rich Americans stealing children for
"death surgery" rather than on the families of origin of the children. In
fact US Embassies used to have a standard press release that they would
supply to the local media whenever such stories appeared.

If I remember correctly the US press release presented the issue as an
attempt by Cuba to discredit the USA through stories that originally
appeared in Honduras many years ago, and that have then reappeared around
the world.

In this particular case in Russia, it seems to be initially an attempt by
the Grandmother motivated a mix of dubious considerations to first arrange
an international adoption for financial reward. Then the "Police sting" led
her through a series of provocations until supposedly she was willing to
allow the child to be killed for his organs.

The police tactics that provoked the more serious crime would be illegal
many countries, but seem acceptable in the USA and Russia. It also seems
possible that this woman was prepared to be led into a most awful crime.

However history has shown us that many people can be lead into crimes that
they would have never committed, if it had not been for the actions of
"agent provocateurs". This could easily be such an occasion. Do we really
want "police officers" running around provoking people to participate in
more serious and awful crimes?

I have some personal experience of ultra-nationalist newspapers in Romania
in the early '90s running stories that I was an ex-CIA agent who murdering
Romanian children for their body parts. This story has reappeared in the
regional media on several occasions over the last decade. On one occasion
the Romanian Police searched my home for several hours and in particular
emptied the contents of our home freezer looking for dead babies.

As Catherine suggested in the Russian story, in Romania there was a complete
suspension of disbelief regarding any reasonable consideration of the how
such a complex crime could be effectively committed by anyone. Since that
time I have regularly had to deal with this story on various occasions. Even
through it has been thoroughly discredited it has reappeared as the basis
for various opprobrious attacks over the years.

What would be interesting if this story has any connection to how the scare
stories in Romania were successfully used to promote the interests of "safe
adoptions" through a small number of "for-profit" adoption agencies from the


John Davies

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