[Stop-traffic] CAST Holiday Appeal

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] CAST Holiday Appeal
From: Jenny Stanger (jenny_stanger@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 09:06:55 EST

 From Melanie:

I don't normally post financial appeals on Stop-Traffic; however, I
have made an exception in this case because I personally know the
work of this organization. CAST is an amazing organization that
works directly with trafficked persons from all over the world. They
work with Got, the little boy from Thailand that was rented from his
mother and used as a cover for a trafficker to trafficking a women to
the U.S. They also worked with the case of the Thai woman who
trafficked in other women from Thailand and kept them locked up and
working as domestic slaves. They have numerous other cases and could
really use a little help.

Thank you!


CAST Holiday Appeal

Dear List Members,

CAST requests that you remember the needs of trafficked persons when
making your holiday donations this year. Trafficked persons in the
United States are not yet receiving the benefits of the new
legislation and organizations such as CAST are struggling to provide
them with the most basic human services. CAST spends over $3,000 per
month just for shelter, food and transportation to clients from the
Ukraine, Korea, Burma, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Russia,
Mexico and Indonesia. We are appealing to the Stop-Traffic community
to help us get through this transition period because we have more
clients than cash. Please consider sending us a donation for these
client services.

Your support will make a real difference for real trafficked women at
this critical time.

For more information about CAST, see our web site at
<http://www.trafficked-women.org/> or mail a check to the below

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Jenny Stanger, Media/Advocacy Director
Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)
231 E. Third St., #G104
Los Angeles, CA 90013

213-473-1611 phone
213-473-1601 fax

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