[Stop-traffic] News/Costa Rica: A passport falsifier captured trafficking illegals

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] News/Costa Rica: A passport falsifier captured trafficking illegals
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 10:51:08 EST

A passport falsifier captured trafficking illegals
Qbueno.com, November 28, 2000

The Costa Rica police arrested a Peruvian woman and her accomplices who
were searched by the authorities of several countries as being suspicious
of trafficking thousands of illegal immigrant to the United States.

The Peruvian Gloria Abigail Niño Canales was arrested according to the
police agents, for being accused of handling out money to an immigration
official who was giving her false Costa Rican passports. Afterwards, the
mentioned woman re-sold them to peoples from different countries who wanted
to travel illegally to the United States.

According to what was reported by the Costa Rican, minister of security,
Rogelio Ramos, the suspicious woman falsified the Costa Rican passports for
giving them to several Colombian citizens who by the middle of year
traveled to Australia, and she also has pending lawsuits for the
trafficking of thousands of illegal immigrants from Pakistan, India and
other nations.

According to several accusations against Niño; such woman was leading a
gang which used to buy at low prices identification card from Costa Rican
rag-people; which afterwards used to elaborate false passports for peoples
wanting to travel to United States; whom paid her up to 15.000 dollars per
each document.

Together with Niño, the police agents arrested as well two Colombian
people, a Peruvian and Costa Rican, the latter being an immigration
attorney of the Juan Santamaria international airport, in San José. Ramos
said that even though the Interpol was looking for the woman, there is no
formal application in Costa Rica for her extradition; but the United States
and Honduras are already developing the corresponding legal procedures
toward that aim.

Melanie Orhant
Stop-Traffic Moderator

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