[Stop-traffic] Elona Kodra Update

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] Elona Kodra Update
From: Femmes de l'Est (femmesdelest@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 08:06:33 EST


The circumstances surrounding Elona's imprisonment are growing more bizarre
with each turn. The prosecutor who originally stood up in court and declared
himself satisfied that Elona was innocent and stated that she should be
freed has been instructed by his seniors to return to the court and demand
that her sentence be raised, possibly to seven or ten years! The prosecutor'
s office has not yet filed its appeal and in principle could still ask for
Elona to be released or her sentenced reduced.

Elona has requested that people and organizations write to the Lyon
Prosecutor's office and ask the prosecutor's office to keep their
organization informed of the status of Elona's case. Knowing that their acts
are subject to public scrutiny could encourage the prosecutor to consider
his position carefully.

The fax number of the Lyon Prosecutor's office is: +33 472 773002.

The Prosecutor dealing with the case is Mr. M. Bray.

You could also send a message of concern to the French Ministry of Justice
by using the following web page.

Please send a copy of any fax or message to Femmes de l'Est at

An example text preferable on headed notepaper.

Re: Elona Kodra Case # 99/71762

Dear Sirs,

I am (personal description) and I work for (organization).

We have been following the case of Elona Kodra, an Albanian women recently
imprisoned on prostitution exploitation charges.

Version a. We/I believe that Elona Kodra is most likely a victim of
exploitation in prostitution rather than a perpetrator of any crime.

Version b. Aspects of this case and its implications for women abused in
prostitution concern us greatly.

Version c. We are concerned that an exploited sex worker should be subjected
to the criminal justice system in such a prejudicial way.

(Include a paragraph about yourself or your organization or any other
particular concern.)

We would therefore be grateful if you could advise us of any developments
regarding the case of Elona Kodra, as we would like to carefully monitor the
progress of this judicial process.

Yours truly,


Thank you for all your messages
Justine Iliria.
Femmes de l'Est

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