[Stop-traffic] Re: Iraq and the execution of prostitutes

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] Re: Iraq and the execution of prostitutes
From: Paulo Longo (phlongo@centroin.com.br)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 04:56:56 EST

Hi, John & everyone,

I couldn't access the home page you sugested, it allways say "access
denied", it seems one must be registered to read it. Is there anyone
able to send me the text? I've been thinking a lot about the need of
more effective responses for Sex Workers Human Rights abuses. We MUST
have an "emergency response" system similar to the one for gay& lesbians
(IGLHRC). I've been raising this idea for a long time, but we must make
it work. This week we are having a meeting (Forum 2000) in Rio and most
organizations from Latin America and Caribbean Region are here. We are
helding a meeting this afternoon and one of the proposals is to try to
get support from UNAIDS for the local network, including a home page to
make easy for people to dennounce abuses. Some of us have a good
relationship with UN Human Rights Comission, Mary Robinson herself
mentioned some of our projects and organizations last year during a
presentation on Trafficking in Geneva.
We still have the same demands, the same ideas, the same energy and
still some of our friends & fellows are being killed by governments or
police all over the world.
Today I am also meeting with the representative of Human Rights Watch to
discuss some ideas.

I hope to hear from you all. Let's do more regular action. It doesn't
mean we are doing nothing so far, but we must integrate and organise our
efforts to be more effective.


Paulo Longo
Migration Research wrote:

> http://www.newsunlimited.co.uk/Breaking_News/UK/0,2478,643045,00.html
> http://www.newsunlimited.co.uk/Breaking_News/UK/0,2478,643045,00.html
> Neither report has many details.
> One possible strategy would be to ask politicians who have travelled
> to Iran
> to help the sanction thaw, for a specific response to the treatment of
> women
> in Iraq and sex workers in particular. These responses could then be
> fed
> back to Iraq to show that these executions could have a negative
> impact on
> sanction thaw.
> The story of executions and other abuses has been planted by the FCO
> in the
> UK media to bolster support for sanctions as such it might be useful
> to show
> the Iraqi that commiting such obvious abuses does hurt the sanction
> thaw.
> We also need to consider the asylum implications for Iraqi sex
> workers. They
> are now obviously a social group in real danger of State persecution
> because
> of their membership of a particular social group.
> Maybe we need to form a small lobby group around someone active in a
> Human
> rights organisation to push this forward. Any volunteers ?
> regards
> John
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