[Stop-traffic] Upcoming: New TV Documentary forthcoming, "Slavery"

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] Upcoming: New TV Documentary forthcoming, "Slavery"
From: Murphy, Elaine (emurphy@path-dc.org)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 09:52:21 EDT

Dear all,

Be on the lookout for this TV program that will be broadcast in the US at a
furure date and being broadcast in the UK tomorrow night. It will be of
interest to those of us working in the gender and human rights areas since
it documents trafficking, child labor, coerced mail order brides, sweatshops
that pay almost nothing and other abuses.


WATCH OUT FOR.........

SLAVERY, the new documentary inspired by Kevin Bales' book, Disposable
People, premiers in the UK on Channel 4, Thursday 28 September at

Filmed in Washington DC, India, Africa and Britain, the documentary exposes
how we all benefit from slavery and its integration into the global economy.

This is the first major full-length documentary on global slavery and it was

made by the team that made the award winning film The Dying Rooms.

Anti-Slavery has been working both with Channel 4 and film-makers True
Vision on the documentary and on the follow-up.

To coincide with this, Anti-Slavery is launching a new website on 28
September. You can visit the site at http://www.antislavery.org

Please help up promote both the programme and the website by circulating
this email to as many people as possible.

Slavery will be broadcast on Channel 4, Thursday 28 September, from 9pm to

***If you are not in the UK look for future showings in the US, Germany,
Spain, Italy, and Norway - if you are not in these countries perhaps a note
to your main TV network would be in order.

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