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Subject: [Stop-traffic] News/Nigeria: Human Trafficking: 454 Nigerians Deported
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Fri Jan 01 1904 - 14:50:37 EST

                    Human Trafficking: 454 Nigerians Deported

OTC 8-3-00 6:11 PM

Lagos (This Day, August 3, 2000) - At least 454 Nigerians mostly women and
children who fell victims to human traffickers were deported back to the
country from five foreign nations between last year and July, 2000.
    Wife of the Vice President, Her Excellency, Chief (Mrs) Amina Titi
Abubakar, revealed this while delivering a lecture on the "Challenges of
Trafficking and Child Labour in Nigeria" at the 86th birthday of a woman
activist and nationalist, Chief (Mrs) Margaret Ekpo in Calabar, Cross River
State recently.
    According to her, out of this number, 62 were male while 392 were female
deported from USA, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Netherlands.
    Statistics made available shows that Italy had the highest number of
human trafficking deported to Nigeria within the period under review of 368
deportees comprising 4 male and 364 females. This was closely followed by
Netherlands with 39 persons, comprising males and 19 females.
    Germany deported 26 males Nigerian in the month of April this year,
while Saudi Arabia and USA deported 17 females in the 19th of March, 2000
and 12 males in January, 1999 respectively.
    Mrs. Abubakar who is the founder Women Trafficking and Child Labour
Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF) said this checklist of Nigerians both male
and female recently deported was an Open testimony to the amazing speed
with which trafficking scourge had eaten deep into the fabric of our
    "Trafficking in human beings is one of the most pressing and complex
human rights issues in the world today... It reaches across borders to
affect nearly every country and has implication across the world", she
    Quoting Frank E. Loy, US under secretary for Global Affairs while
testifying before the US Senate Committee Abubakar said "Trafficking in
women and children, is now considered the third largest source of profits
for organised crime, behind only drugs and guns".
    Trafficking in Africa, she said was favoured by the high level of
poverty, debasement of indigenous cultural values and practices,
unawareness of the risks involved; insufficient training and educational
    Others are the desire to migrate in search of economic and social well
being; high demand of cheap and submissive child labour; inadequate
trafficking; inadequate legislation on trafficking; inadequate border
control, weak institutional mechanisms, preponderance of informal economy
and high demand for trafficked persons in Asia and Europe.
    The wife of the Vice President regretted that most of the female victims
are normally young ladies mostly below 25 years of age and children. "They
are "recruited" from villages and the hinterland by the "middlemen" a.k.a
"Madam" also distinguished as "well-wishers", and philanthropist, who
intend to fine gainful employment for their potential victims.
    By Okon Bassey in Calabar
    Copyright 2000 This Day. Distributed via Africa News Online.

        Copyright 2000
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