[Stop-traffic] News/Albania: Prostitution Gangs Hit in Italy, Greeces

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] News/Albania: Prostitution Gangs Hit in Italy, Greeces
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Thu Dec 31 1903 - 23:05:03 EST

Source:Albanian Daily News
June 27, 2000

Prostitution Gangs Hit in Italy, Greece

TIRANA - Police in Italy and Greece have again hit prostitution networks run
                    Albanians, recording in Milan the cases of brutality
Romanian, Moldovan and
                    Albanian prostitutes had to face.

                    A 17-year-old Romanian girl said she had been bought in
"a human auction" in
                    Serbia by Albanian prostitution traffickers and forced to
prostitute on the
                    pavements of this northern Italian city.

                    Sela, who handed herself over to Italian police last
weekend, said she had
                    been bought by Albanians in a Serbian village bordering
Albania, most likely in

                    She then prostituted herself for several months in Milan,
until her eight
                    Albanian kidnappers, from Fier, were arrested by the
rapid intervention unit of
                    Milan during an operation that lasted for six months. Two
more are wanted,
                    while police seized ItL37m ($18,400) from the group in a
flat they used.

                    About 20 of about 50 identified the clients who will be
charged with sexual
                    relations with minors.

                    Four other women, three Albanians and one Moldovan, were
working for the
                    Albanian gang, including one who was pregnant. The group
ran also a network
                    of about 50 beggars, mostly elderly.

                    Dozens of girls who were brought from Romania to Italy
with the promise of a
                    work, were freed from a prostitution ring in Rome this
year. Twenty-three
                    Romanians and one Albanians were sentenced between one
and eight years
                    in jail for forcing them into prostitution.

                    Greek police arrested on Saturday four Albanians who had
allegedly abducted
                    two Ukrainian women, aged 29 and 24, whom they locked in
a house in
                    Alimos, Athens, and forced them to have sex with Greek
and foreign
                    customers. Xhani Tahiri, 21 and his 23-year-old brother
Aleks, Dani Taci, 21,
                    and his cousin Nderim Taci, 20, were brought before the
public prosecutor on
                    Sunday, Athens daily Kathimerini said.
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