[Stop-traffic] OSCE - Measures to counteract human trafficking in Kosovo

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] OSCE - Measures to counteract human trafficking in Kosovo
From: Jan Digel (Jan.Digel@gmx.de)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 07:34:54 EDT

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Press Release
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Mission in Kosovo
23 August 2000

Press Conference / Measures to counteract human trafficking in Kosovo

PRISTINA, 23 August 2000 -- The Co-ordinator of the Balkan Stability
Pact Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings visits Kosovo on a
fact-finding mission this week.

Dr. Helga Konrad of the OSCE arrives in Pristina for a two-day visit
tomorrow, Thursday 24 August 2000, during which she will discuss the
current situation in Kosovo and the measures being undertaken to
counteract the problem of human trafficking here.

Human trafficking, described as a modern-day form of slavery, is a
violation of human rights. Often recruited by false promises of good
jobs or simply coerced, the victims find themselves in situations
characterized by violence, fear, restricted freedom of movement and
little or no income.

The OSCE, which holds the human rights mandate within UNMiK, is
currently engaged in a range of initiatives to tackle human trafficking.
These anti-trafficking measures involve close co-operation with a number
of other key agencies, including the International Organisation for

Migration (IOM), UNMiK Police and local NGOs. According to the OSCE
Human Rights Division, the main problem in Kosovo is of women and girls
being forced into prostitution.

Dr Konrad, who is a former Austrian Minister for Women's Issues, will
meet with representatives of all those agencies working to combat the
problem of human trafficking in Kosovo, including the Permanent Deputy
SRSG, Jock Covey, and OSCE Head of Mission, Ambassador Daan Everts, as
well as members of the OSCE Department of Human Rights and Rule of Law.
She will also meet with the Co-Head of the Department of Judicial
Affairs, Ms Nekibe Kelmendi, members of UNMiK Police and visit projects
aimed at assisting those who have been victims of trafficking.

Dr. Helga Konrad will participate in a press conference on

Date: Thursday 24 August

Venue: 3rd Floor Conference Room, OSCE Headquarters, Pristina

Time: 15:15 hours

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