[Stop-traffic] News/Korea: 9 Arrested for Smuggling Migrant Workers

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] News/Korea: 9 Arrested for Smuggling Migrant Workers
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 10:00:09 EDT

9 Arrested for Smuggling Migrant Workers
Korea Times, July 17, 2000

Nine people were indicted on charges of illegally profiteering from
recruiting foreign workers.

The Seoul District Prosecutor's Office said yesterday that the indicted set
up paper companies in a bid to illegally bring in migrant workers to local

The office also indicted two others without physical detention and placed
another two on the wanted list on similar charges.

According to the prosecution, one suspect, Yo Chae-hyon, 43, set up a
ghost'' joint venture in January, conspiring with three Chinese by
investing 75 million won.

She then created five other similar firms and allegedly smuggled in 14
ethnic Koreans living in China for domestic manufacturing factories.

The prosecution claimed that Yo has faked documents disguising the migrant
workers as managers of the paper companies so that they could obtain visas
to get jobs in Korea.

She was reported to have pinched 5 million won from the ethnic Koreans for
illegally arranging their entry into Korea.

Lee Kyong-ae, 50, another suspect, was also accused of establishing a fake
branch of a Chinese firm in Korea in 1997. She then recruited 11
Korean-Chinese by manipulating documents to disguise them as employees of
the Chinese company to be sent to the Korean branch.

She was also charged with milking 5-7 million won from those migrant workers.

Chae Song-hak, 45, and his three accomplices were accused of having
fabricated letters of invitation for foreign buyers to smuggle 140
Bangladeshi workers and ethnic Koreans residing in China for job-offering
scams over the last two years.

Illegal job brokers once used methods such as forging passports or visas to
smuggle migrant workers from foreign countries. But now, they are
increasingly resorting to more sophisticated ways by creating joisnt
ventures to take advantage of legal loopholes.
Melanie Orhant
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