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Subject: Re: [Stop-traffic] Israel's first trafficking trial
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 14:58:29 EDT

Dear List,

Does anybody know if these women consented to working in the sex
industry before they went to Israel and then were subject to
slavery-like conditions? Or, did the women not know they were going
to work in the sex industry?


>This mail was sent to you from the Ha'aretz English website
>E n g l i s h E d i t i o n
>Wednesday, August 2, 2000
>Sex slave testifies against pimps, kidnappers, rapists in Be'er Sheva
>By Zvi Harel
>Ha'aretz Legal Correspondent
>A woman who was enslaved as a sex worker testified yesterday in Tel
>Aviv District Court in the trial of nine defendants arrested on
>counts of conspiracy to kidnap, kidnapping to perpetrate sexual
>offenses, false imprisonment, and rape.
>Yesterday's witness, a Ukrainian native, is one of four prostitutes
>slated to testify in the trial.
>The prosecution has made haste to bring these four women to the
>witness stand, since they lack permits for residence in Israel and
>face deportation.
>The witness attested yesterday to wide-scale sale and enslavement of
>sex workers. She said that she was intimidated by threats that she
>could be sold to Arab pimps in the territories, for $17,000.
>She explained that handlers in the territories exploit prostitutes
>until they are "worn out" - the women don't last more than three
>months, the witness said.
>Yesterday's testimony related to the fourth count in the indictment,
>which charges that on May 6th of this year, three of the defendants,
>Rauf Shlomov, Eliezer Negdiman and Pa'sar Avdiev, conspired to
>kidnap prostitutes.
>The three men tried to shove the witness and a second woman into an
>automobile outside of a hotel. Negdiman used a knife to force the
>witness inside the car while the other woman escaped.
>The then defendants took the woman to Be'er Sheva, and kept her
>confined there.
>Avdiev and another defendant are accused of sexually abusing the
>women while she was kept imprisoned in the Negev capital.
>The charge sheet charges that Boris Shposhnik, also a defendant in
>the case, is alleged to have kept the victim jailed in his Be'er
>Sheva home, while a $5,000 sale ensued to return the woman back to
>her original pimp, outside of the Be'er Sheva region.
>Cross-examination of the witness will continue today.

Melanie Orhant
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