[Stop-traffic] UNIFEM's work

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] UNIFEM's work
From: Maartje Peters (maartje@unifem.org.jo )
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 10:00:35 EDT

>>Dear Ms. Orhant,
>>First I would like to thank you for all the updates and information we
>>receive concerting Amnesty International's work.
>>Reference is made to the message on Asian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia
>>that we received today. I would like to inform you that one of the goals
>>of UNIFEM's work is to promoting womenís human rights and to preventing
>>violence against women. Recently UNIFEM has decided to initiate a project
>>aimed at protecting the rights of migrant worker in light of the large
>>scale participation of women in labour migration and their heavy
>>concentration in reproductive work. As female migrantsí work is mainly
>>related to their reproductive roles, they are vulnerable to exploitation
>>and abuse; and often deprived of their basic human rights. However, the
>>governments are increasingly recognizing migrant workersí contribution to
>>the national economy through their remittances, and some countries are
>>trying to undertake measures to protect/safeguard female migrant workers
>>from abuse and violence.
>>As UNIFEMís network of sub-regional offices for the Asia and the Pacific
>>region include Western Asia, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia and the
>>Pacific, it is uniquely placed to supporting a dialogue between sending
>>and receiving countries. In view of the need to address critical issues
>>relating womenís human rights and violence against women, and UNIFEMís
>>comparative advantage in dealing with these issues, UNIFEM started the
>>first phase of our cross regional project by carrying out situation
>>analysis of migrant workers in Nepal, Indonesia, Fiji and Jordan. Also
>>in Lebanon started a similar research focussing on the receiving
>>and Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrein and Saudi Arabia in specific.
>>Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information
>>concerning this initiative.
>>Sincerely Yours,
>>Maartje Peters
>>Human Rights Coordinator
>>UNIFEM, Amman
>>tel: 962.6.5678 586/7
>>fax: 962.6.5678 594
>>Please note that my address has changed to:maartje@unifem.org.jo
>Melanie Orhant <<morhant@igc.org>>
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Please note that my address has changed to:maartje@unifem.org.jo
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