[Stop-traffic] News/US: INS agent spends 2nd day testifying in sex case in LR

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] News/US: INS agent spends 2nd day testifying in sex case in LR
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 09:47:07 EDT

INS agent spends 2nd day testifying in sex case in LR
By Linda Satter
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, July 20, 2000

A Chinese woman said in 1997 that for a year businessman David Jewell
Jones forced her to have sex with him, but the assaults stopped in
1996 because he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and could no
longer have sex, a federal agent testified Wednesday.

In his second day on the witness stand, Ron Kidd, a supervisory
special agent for the Immigration and Naturalization Service office
in Nashville, Tenn., confirmed relaying that information on April 16,
1998, to a federal grand jury in Little Rock.

Sam Perroni, the attorney for Jones who was cross-examining Kidd,
said in his opening statements Monday that he will show that Jones
never had prostate cancer. Perroni said Jones did have "some
procedures" in May of 1997 to see if he had the disease.

Perroni and attorneys for four other people on trial in federal court
for allegedly violating immigration laws between 1991 and 1997,
contend that "Miss Z," the woman allegedly raped by Jones, concocted
the story so she could stay in the United States.

She and another woman, "Miss W," knew that as long as charges were
being investigated and a trial was ongoing, their visas to stay in
the United States would be extended, defense attorneys say. Also, the
women know that if they cooperate with government prosecutors, they
will have a better chance of eventually becoming naturalized U.S.
citizens, the defense contends.

In addition to Jones, 69, who once co-owned and worked as general
manager of Little Rock station KARK-TV, Channel 4, other defendants
include his good friends Bob Newton Rushing, 69, of Fordyce and Tony
Ma, 56, of Mabelvale, who operates Tony's Chinese Restaurant in
southwest Little Rock. Also on trial are Tony Ma's wife, Mary Ma, 28;
and Little Rock lawyer Mark Riable, 45.

All are accused of breaking federal laws to bring the two Chinese
women to the United States so Jones could have sex with them. Perroni
contends that Jones is accused of using the women as his "sex
slaves," though prosecutors haven't used that term.

Kidd said Wednesday that he has worked on the case for three years,
ever since getting a phone call, when he worked in Memphis, from a
Pulaski County sheriff's detective who said "Miss Z" had reported the
alleged rape.

Kidd acknowledged that when he later interviewed the woman, she was
accompanied by a friend named "Diamond Jimmy" Ng, who Perroni said
was involved with organized crime in Los Angeles and suggested was
behind a scheme to frame the defendants.

Prosecutors have said that on July 3, 1995, a day after Miss Z came
to the United States on a phony fiance visa, Tony Ma took her to his
house, where Jones soon arrived and raped her.

But Kidd acknowledged, under questioning by Perroni that sought to
stain his credibility, that he had mistakenly told the grand jury
that Jones picked the woman up from Ma's restaurant and then drove
her to Ma's house where he raped her.

Kidd also acknowledged telling the grand jury that Miss W told him
she needed to get a tumor removed before she left China but that
Jones and Rushing were so anxious for her to come to the United
States that she put the surgery on hold.

As a result, by the time she arrived in Little Rock, "her physical
appearance had so changed that they were afraid she had some sort of
contagious disease," prompting Jones to put off having sex with her
until she underwent surgery to have the ovarian cyst removed. Jones,
who was on the board of trustees at Baptist Health, arranged for the
woman to have the surgery done for free, by presenting her as a
member of his church and a charity case, prosecutors have said.
Perroni showed Kidd a form dated July 14, 1992, that Miss W had
filled out in China. On it, she swore she didn't have any physical
defects before coming into the United States, Perroni pointed out,
suggesting that either she was lying or Kidd was inaccurate.

But Kidd said the woman may not have had the tumor then or known about it yet.

Miss W has been identified in court as Xiao Ying Wu, 41, originally
of Shanghai. Miss Z also has been identified in court by her full
name, but it isn't being reported because she claims to be a rape

Also Wednesday, Kidd revealed that in 1998, when he and FBI agent Dan

Weir interviewed Rushing about his alleged "sham" marriage to Miss W
in October 1992, Rushing was vague about many details.

The marriage, performed by Riable in a van outside the Montgomery County

Courthouse in Mt. Ida, was never consummated and ended in divorce the
next January, when Wu returned to China.

Kidd said Rushing told the agents that he had met Wu while on a trip
to China in October 1991 with Jones and Tony Ma, for the purpose of
finding a wife for Ma.

Rushing sought a fiance visa for Miss Z after Wu went back to China.

Prosecutors say that's because Jones -- who is married -- needed a
new sex partner. But Rushing told the agents that he had sought the
fiance visa because "he just had decided he wanted to have a Chinese
wife," Kidd testified.

"He didn't think he had paid for her trip into the United States, but
he didn't really know," Kidd recalled Wednesday of his interview with
Rushing. Kidd said when agents asked where the marriage took place,
already aware that it had occurred in the van, "he had a hard time
recalling exactly where they had married. We had to get out a map of
Arkansas so he could tell us where it was."

He said Rushing then explained his reason for being married in a
county where none of the parties lived by saying "that because he
lived in a small town, he didn't want it to be in the paper there,"
Kidd testified.

Asked about sex with his new bride, Rushing "said he really hadn't
intended to have sex with her. She had said no sex," Kidd told jurors.

Kidd said that during his and Weir's interview with Rushing, he
appeared to have a heart attack, collapsing to the floor and losing
consciousness. The agents tried to revive Rushing and take him to a
hospital, but Rushing insisted that he didn't need medical care and
wanted to continue the interview, Kidd said.

Afterward, Kidd and Weir stayed at Rushing's invitation to have some
chili he had cooked.

"It was some of the best chili I've ever had," Kidd said.

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