[Stop-traffic] Media and "trafficking"

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] Media and "trafficking"
From: Tanya Foundation (tanyaeurope@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 09:32:27 EDT

it should be of interest to consider how The
Times represents the travel for sex work of
British women versus women from the CEE. I really
wonder how this story would have been presented
if the women involved were from Albania?

Are thousands of West European women are at
considerable risk when travelling to Japan ??

Possibly visa free travel and the ability to get
work permits is protecting most of them from the
abuse that many Albanian women are subjected to.


John Davies

Father in search for lost hostess


THE father of a former air hostess who went
missing in Japan nearly two weeks ago was flying
to Tokyo last night.
Tim Blackman, 46, was due to meet police and
embassy officials today after it emerged that his
daughter, Lucie, was working as a nightclub
hostess and may have been in debt. Miss Blackman,
21, went missing on July 1 after reportedly
making a trip to the country with an unknown man.

Mr Blackman, a property developer from Ryde, on
the Isle of Wight, said: "We are trying not to
let conjecture cloud our our optimism that Lucie
will be found."

Miss Blackman had been working as a bar hostess
in Toyko's Roppongi district, where Western girls
are paid nearly 30 an hour plus bonuses, with
her best friend and flatmate Louise Phillips, 21,
from Bromley, southeast London. They had quit as
British Airways air hostesses to travel. It has
been speculated that Miss Blackman had 6,000
debts on her credit cards.

After Miss Blackman failed to return home, Miss
Phillips received a call on her mobile phone from
an unknown man saying Lucie was going to join a
"newly risen religion". He also said in broken
English that he would pay off Lucie's debts. Her
friends fear she may have been abducted.

Thousands of European women have financed their
travels in Tokyo's Roppongi clubland. Tall,
blonde good looks are the stuff of fantasy for
Japanese raised on Hollywood's unattainable

Roppongi evenings remain a vast charade of
essentially good clean fun in tiny bars behind
the financial district. Tired businessmen pay
vastly inflated drinks bills for an evening of
stilted conversation. For most, that is as far as
they want to take it.


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