[Stop-traffic] note about my past message

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] note about my past message
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 22:04:39 EDT

Dear list,

I want to remind everybody that you may not post this or any other
email on any other email listserve without prior to approval. Also,
do not quote from this piece without prior approval. These messages
are for discussion on the list, and not for reposting.

Thank you!


>Kamala and Saul,
>I just wanted to respond to both of your posts about the
>trafficking/smuggling debate. I agree with you that most people
>don't understand the difference and I am beginning to feel that we
>need to create some new terms. However, I'm not sure if letting go
>of the term trafficking is the best thing right now. Maybe forcing
>people to use the terms correctly and making sure that they address
>all the types of trafficking of men, woman, boys and girls and the
>all different types of labor people are trafficked for would be more
>One of the biggest problems I see is that people still view
>trafficking of persons as equal to trafficking for forced
>prostitution. I think there are many organizations and journalists
>that continue to perpetuate this myth - trafficking in people for
>forced labor includes *all* types of labor - domestic servitude,
>agricultural labor, begging, sweatshop labor, to mention but a few.
>I believe that until organizations expand their understanding of the
>issue we will be continually trapped in a moral dialogue about
>prostitution and not a productive dialogue about how to stop the
>exploitation of hundreds of thousands of people every year.
>Maybe Saul is right to be a bit paranoid - maybe people are
>intentionally conflating the two terms in order to avoid dealing
>with the underlying human rights violations and the labor abuses.
>Maybe this is why people continue to conflate trafficking with
>forced prostitution.
>In reference to Beijing +5 - I was totally disappointed in the
>entire process. However, I was even more depressed about how people
>addressed trafficking - many countries still view trafficking as
>only relating to forced prostitution and do not understand that
>their own citizens are being trafficked and exploited in sweatshops,
>farms, and private houses around the world. They don't even want to
>address these types of exploitation as a trafficking issue. These
>countries stymied dialogue and consensus and created a document that
>is not internally consistent.
>Thanks, Melanie.....

Melanie Orhant <<morhant@igc.org>>
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