[Stop-traffic] Hungarian Dancer "trafficked" ??

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Subject: [Stop-traffic] Hungarian Dancer "trafficked" ??
From: Tanya Foundation (tanyaeurope@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 05:42:00 EDT

Dear Melanie,

Please post this...many thanks

The following is another article from the
Budapest Sun, that assumes sex work migration is
automatically connected to "trafficking" and is
exploitation. I have enclosed the article and the
Salamon Alapitvany letter to the editor.

Most Canadian clubs split service fees with the
dancers 50%-50%, and there is no suggestion that
the women were not receiving payments, so where
is the "trafficking" ?

In any case the "trafficked" woman has been
apprehended and will be deported. So if she a
"trafficking" victim she is being further
punished. Since when were "trafficked" women were
supposed to be "apprehended" as criminals

Really "trafficking" is immigration control of
young women from the CEE, presenting itself as
some sort of preventative and protective measure.

The IOM research shows that 6% of Hungarian girls
want to work abroad as erotic workers. The EU and
the West doesn't want them, so after an extensive
campaign highlighting abuse and possible violence
we will most probably find fewer young women want
to migrate for sex work. Anything that works to
reduce migration of women by creating fear and
particularly fear of rape, bolsters the
patriarchy. Fear of sexual violence and the sense
that by migrating a woman delibrately exposes
herself to sexual violence creates a conditon
where "good girls" stay at home and only "bad
girls" move about. Therefore we will have the
social and migration control of women using the
fear of rape. "Good girls" will have to travel
only according to "approved" methods, i.e
educational exchanges, package holidays. au-pair
etc. and "bad girls" who want to challenge
migration controls will have to deal with
criminals and the constant fear of sexual
violence which by ignoring "trafficking" warning
they will have delibrately and recklessly exposed
themselves to.


John Davies

Dear Sirs,

We continue to find your coverage of Hungarian
sex work migrants to be misleading.

Canada is a preferred destination for many
Hungarian sex workers, who must show previous
experience as erotic dancers as a visa issuance
condition. Many dancers also engage in other
forms of sex work as it offers increased income.

To confuse sex work migration with trafficking
only adds to the "moral panic" that has been
created in part to justify further immigration
restrictions on young women from the CEE.

The IOM research you refer to also showed that 6%
of Hungarian girls want to work abroad
specifically in erotic labour. Others also wanted
to work as erotic dancers. These girls need
support and advice to ensure they can work safely
and with adequate pay and conditions when abroad,
and not "urban myths" regarding the "sex trade".

The "trafficking" debate recalls many of the
"white slavery" myths of the 19c. The moral panic
that surrounded "white slavery" was shown to be
unsubtantiated and really represented male fears
regarding sexually independent women. It is
likely that "trafficking" will eventually be
exposed as a trojan horse for increased
immigration control over young, sexually active,

It is widely acknowledged that most "trafficking"
abuse relates to the exploitation of existing sex
workers who are deceived regarding their pay and
conditions in the country of destination. The
issue should be labour protection for all
migrants and not "moral panic" regarding the
sexual labour choices of young women.

Yours sincerely

Ildiko K
Salamon Alapitvany

Supplying non-prejudicial services to Hungarian
sex workers since 1993.

Canada to deport dancer
 Jun. 29, 2000 - Vol. VIII, Is. 26
Canada is once again to launch deportation
proceedings against a Hungarian after five
foreign erotic dancers were found to be working
illegally in strip clubs in Mississauga and

The five women, one from Hungary and the rest
from Romania and Mexico, were caught in a recent
raid after a 12-month investigation aimed at
apprehending foreign women trafficked to Canada
for prostitution.

Peel Regional Police Inspector John Nielson said
his men investigating the case were "not only
offered and solicited in the clubs", but also
given "the opportunity of having names and
numbers of the girls so that if our guys were
shy, they would be moved off-site and other
arrangements made."

Nielson said his officers were offered
masturbation for Canadian $40 and sexual
intercourse for $140 at the Cannonball Club, The
Million Dollar Saloon and the Second Locomotion.

Following the deportation of two Hungarians
earlier this year for prostitution, Jim
Versteegh, regional immigration manager based at
the Canadian Embassy in Vienna said: "We have a
problem with the sex trade in Canada, with girls
from all over this region, not just Hungary."

In the light of growing cases of trafficking in
women from Central and Eastern Europe, the
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
launched information campaigns in Hungary to
combat this exploitation.

But, the girls themselves may need more
convincing and information. According to
Argentina Szabados, IOMís Budapest
representative, "50% of girls aged 13-23 want to
work abroad, but most say they have no idea how
to avoid the dangers once they get there."

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