Re: News/UK: Foreign prostitutes become "sex slaves"

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Subject: Re: News/UK: Foreign prostitutes become "sex slaves"
From: Migration Research (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 12:18:03 EDT

This report is particularly fascinating for the way 71 "trafficked" women
become 1400 "trafficked" women after some creative accountancy.

Furthermore the Woman and child abuse unit that conducted the research has
publicly aligned itself with the extremist abolitionist movement and has
called for the closure of the Payoke agency in Belgium, even though it gives
Payoke a mention in the report.

So it is no surprise that the report that did not speak to one foreign sex
worker and is framed in the language of abuse. The authors also want to see
greater policing of off-road sex workers.

All in all, an almost meaningless report paid for by the Home Office, that
will be used harass foreign sex workers and justify the screening out of
young foreign women from visa issuance for their own protection from

In our work in Lyon we have now spoken to more than 80% of the Albanian
migrant sex workers active in the city. The number of Albanian sex workers
is approx. half the number reported regularly by the media and other public
authorities, the number that might fit any "trafficking" definition is much

Also remember IOM has shown that 6% of Hungarian girls are waiting to leave
Hungary to engage in erotic work abroad. This group will soon have the legal
right to live and work anywhere in the EU and they should have a
considerable impact on the sustainability of "trafficking".

"Trafficking" seems like a good way for rich countries to heavily police the
migration of women and for abolitionists to attack migrant sex workers.

It should also be of interest to note that French sex workers travelled to
Albania during the first world war to supply sexual services to the French
troops stationed in Southern Albania, and that local oral tradition in
Albania also remembers French sex workers working in Albania during the
second world war.

John Davies

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