Training in Feminist Participatory Action Research

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Subject: Training in Feminist Participatory Action Research
From: GAATW (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 11:57:23 EDT


Training in Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPRA) Methodology
in the Context of Trafficking in Women


The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women was formed at the International
Workshop on Migration and Traffic in Women held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in
October 1994. One of the main objectives of GAATW since its inception has been
to promote and facilitate action research on issues relating to traffic in
women. Drawing from experience on the research and action project on
trafficking in women in Thailand which was conducted by Foundation for
Women, a
local Thai NGO, a similar research and action project has been initiated and
implemented by local organisations in Cambodia and Vietnam. GAATW acted as a
co-ordinating agency to provide technical supports including training on
feminist participatory methodology for the research teams in the respective
countries. Currently the project is reaching its final stage and the
experiences are being drawn to contribute to the body of knowledge on research
methodology in the context of trafficking in women.

In many countries, trafficking in women is a growing problem both in terms of
scale and complexity and there is a strong need to systematically investigate
the situation in order to raise public awareness and to formulate appropriate
actions and policies. GAATW sees the necessity to share knowledge and
experiences gained from the project in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia by
organising research training for organisations who have plans to do
research/survey on the issues relating to trafficking in women in their
countries. The knowledge from the training on feminist participatory action
research methodology (FPAR) will ensure that the research/survey conducted
have participation of affected women and their families and that actions and
policies formulated will address the real causes and not worsen their

In November 1999, GAATW organised a training on a FPAR methodology in which
fifteen participants from different parts of the world took part and shared
their experiences and knowledge. Currently five of the participants are
carrying out a small research projects as a follow up of the training.


to enable participants to discuss and understand principles and methods of
feminist participatory action research (FPAR) on issues relating to
in women

to discuss the application of FPAR and planning of the future
research/survey/actions relating to trafficking in women in participating


The training is aimed for participants who are members of organisations
on the issues related to trafficking in women and those who carry out or are
interested in carrying out research or other projects in the area of

Participants should also:
Have a feminist orientation.
Have some background or interest in doing research
Have good communication skills in English

Language of the training

Duration of the training
30 October to 5 November 2000 (7 days)

Bangkok, Thailand

Registration fee for the training is US$ 800. The fee includes all cost
related to the training such as the training materials, local transportation,
accommodation for eight days (participants are expected to arrive one day
before the training), the cost of the field trip, and food (breakfast, lunch,
dinner and tea breaks).

However, please note that participants will be expected to take care of their
own travelling expenses from their home country to Bangkok including the
airfrare, visa arrangements, cost for transit fees, transport to and from the
airports, and any other related costs. (i.e. the registration fee does NOT
include the above mentioned.)

Applicants are encouraged to apply to funding agencies for support. If they
would let us know in advance, we maybe able to contact funding agencies on
their behalf for sponsorship.

Interested persons should fill in the application form attached and return to
GAATW no later than 30 July 2000. GAATW will acknowledge the selection of the
participants by 30 August 2000.

(Please type or print clearly.)

Name of the Applicant:

Contact Details (Address, Tel/Fax, e-mail):

Organisation you work in:
(Please provide some information about your organisation. Attach a brochure if

Research projects or other activities relating to trafficking undertaken by
(Please provide details regarding the topic of the project, methodology used,
duration, outcome and how the final documents have been used. In case your
organisation has undertaken several projects you may give details of three or
four projects. You may attach separate sheets.)

Your role in the above mentioned research/survey/activities :

An outline of the research/survey/activities you would like to undertake in
area of trafficking:

Will you or your organisation be able to support you for the cost or this
Yes/ No

If not, would you like GAATW to help contact funding agencies for

Yes/ No

Please e-mail/ fax/ post the completed application form to:

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)
191/1 Sivalai Condominium
Itsaraphap Road, Soi 33
Bangkok 10600
Fax: 66-2-864-1637
The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
The International Coordination Office,
P.O.Box 36 Bangkok Noi Post Office,
Bangkok 10700 THAILAND.
Tel: (66-2) 864-1427/8
Fax: (66-2) 864-1637

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