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Subject: Fwd: Got List
From: Jenny Stanger (jenny_stanger@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 06:48:41 EDT

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>From: "Jenny Stanger" <jenny_stanger@hotmail.com>
>To: jenny_stanger@hotmail.com
>Subject: Got List
>Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 23:45:41 GMT
>Help the Thai Community Development Center
>Support our Fund for Little "Got"
>The Thai Community Development Center (Thai CDC) is asking for the publicís
>help to support the day-to-day care and medical needs of "Got," the Thai
>boy who made recent international headline news after immigration officials
>discovered that the two-year boy was being used as a "human prop" in a
>woman trafficking scheme. The boy was used as part of a lurid ploy to
>traffick the woman accompanying a man intending to pass all of them off as
>a family traveling on vacation. Without family in the United States, a
>mother who herself was a young victim of trafficking and unable to care for
>the child, and a father who is now deceased, little Got was placed under
>the care of our center soon after his arrival into the United States. We
>will never know the extent of the psychological and emotional damage that
>this traumatic experience will have on the rest of little Gotís life.
>When Got first came into our care, he had been possibly drugged and was
>very sickly, having had the chicken pox and suffered from a severe ear
>infection, respiratory problems, skin rashes, and a high fever. Your
>contributions to Gotís Fund can help us in providing him with daily care
>and possible long-term medical care.
>Legal assistance has been retained on his behalf from the Los Angeles-based
>Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law to prevent the Immigration
>and Naturalization Service (INS) from summarily deporting Got back to
>Thailand without first assuring his safe repatriation to his paternal
>grandparents who are seeking to adopt Got. However, for the transition of
>care from his current caregiver to his grandparents to be less traumatic on
>Got, a federal judge in the case has requested that the grandparents travel
>to the United States to be evaluated and participate in an appropriate
>transfer-of-care plan.
>Yet, the INS is defying the federal judgeís request by not, in any way,
>expediting or facilitating the visas for the grandparents to travel here.
>In the meantime, Thai CDC has been granted legal custody of the child by
>the federal court. Your contributions will help us with much needed funds
>to maintain his care and support his legal defense. Should Got be returned
>to Thailand with his grandparents, your funds can still help as the
>grandparents are retired and live off on only the grandfatherís small
>pension equivalent to $600 per month.
>Gotís needs are varied. To help us supply the following items listed
>below, you may send the actual items or a check paid to the order of Thai
>CDC for Gotís Fund. Your contributions are tax-deductible. To learn more
>about our agency, please see our brochure or go to our website at
>thaicdc.org/dev. You may also learn more about Gotís case in the numerous
>articles found on Got in the Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, New York
>Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Examiner, and USA Today.
>What Gotís Fund will Help Supply
>Clothes (size 24 mos. and up) Accessories (bedding supplies, equipment,
>sleepwear blankets
>shoes (tennis shoes, sandals) crib
>socks linens
>caps cuddle pillows
>long pants baby tote bag
>shirts sipee cups
>sweaters baby utencils
>jackets baby bowls and plates
>t-shirts portable stroller
>Toys and Learning Tools Personal Supplies
>books antibacterial soap
>balls body lotion (Curel brand preferably)
>fingerpaint baby shampoo
>legos, building blocks baby toothpaste
>clay, playdoh baby toothbrush
>drawing boards hairbrush
>stuffed animals that play music nail clipper or manicure/pedicure set
>lullaby tapes diapers (25 lbs boy)
>cassette player first aid kit
>musical instruments
>rice (Thai jasmine, sticky Thai rice)
>Thai CDC Tax I.D. Number: 95-453-1770

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