Social Alert Questionnaire on trafficking in children

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Subject: Social Alert Questionnaire on trafficking in children
From: Delphine Sanglan (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 12:09:31 EDT

Dear friends,

Here is SOCIAL ALERT Questionnaire on Trafficking in Children. We hope that
you will receive it. (the questionnaire is also available in french or

Social Alert decided to undertake a great investigation with the
collaboration of its partners and organisations working on the issue in
order to give a progress report on the situation of trafficking in children
in the world and to think about an action plan on an international level in
order to sensitise and contribute to put an end to this problem.

After reading several documents and missions report, we know that the
problem is widespread in West Africa but we would like to know if this
problem is a current practice in other areas and continents.

The results of this research will be gathered in a "working paper" that
could be used as a basis for other investigations on the issue.

We count of course on your collaboration, which is the condition to ensure
the good course of this research.

- Is trafficking in children a current practice in your country ?

- Why does the trafficking exist there ?
- For domestic work ?
- For cheap labour ?
- For prostitution ?
- For participation in armed conflicts ?
- Others

- Is there any reference to the problem of trafficking in children within
the legislation of your country?

- Does your organisation integrate this problem in its priorities of action?
Are there actions planned ?

- Did your organisation publish or participate on research on the question ?
In this case, could you send us the results ?

In advance, we thank you for your collaboration and expect your reply at the
latest on April 15th 2000.


Delphine Sanglan
Child Rights Project Co-ordinator

For further information, you can contact us at :
Social Alert
Chaussée de Haecht, 579
1031 Brussels
Tel : + - Fax : +
E-mail :

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