News/Mexico: organ trafficking

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Subject: News/Mexico: organ trafficking
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 09:23:44 EDT


OTC 3-7-00 5:40 PM

  Mexico City, Mar 07, 2000 (EFE via COMTEX) -- Mexican health authorities
dismissed reports that an organ trafficking network exists in Mexico,
saying that such a network would require highly sophisticated technology
and top specialists for the organ transplants.
    In a press release, Javier Castellanos, the Mexican deputy health
secretary, refuted allegations by various social agencies that such
activities occur in Mexico.
    In addition, he said, Mexican laws are very stringent with respect to
prohibiting the sale of organs and tissues.
    Several organizations have claimed, though without offering any
evidence, that the trafficking of minors and disappearance of individuals
is linked to the trafficking of organs, which are sold to wealthy
    The deputy secretary also mentioned the fact that Mexicans still
continue to generally refuse to accept organs donated by persons
clinically declared dead, a tendency that puts at risk thousands of
Mexican lives.
    Mexico's National Transplant Council, the agency responsible for
regulating organ and tissue transplants, operates offices in every Mexican
state in an effort to maintain a strict control over such operations, he
added. EFE
Agencia EFE S.A.

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