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Subject: Re: seeking input on best practices/experts
From: Ala Mindicanu (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 14:36:30 EST

Dear Jil, thi is some information about us.
I hope that will be interesting for you.
>General information on your organization :
>Name : National Council
>of Women of Moldova
>Founded : April, 1998
>Legal status : June 23, 1998
>President : Ala Mandicanu,
>Member of the Parliament of Moldova, president of Subcommittee for Equal
>Personnel how many waged : 5 persons (1 full-time and 4
>voluntary :
>The organization has got 2 thousands members working in the capital
>(Chisinau) and in 11 provinces of the country. The CNF is an umbrella
>organization. The CNF carries out its activity throughout the Republic of
>Moldova and has among its members physical persons and non-governmental
>women organizations which have expressed in writing their request to join
>the CNF.
>3) Aims and activities of your organization :
>The aims of the CNF are :
>7 to promote women to decision - making bodies on all levels;
>7 to contribute to the implementation of the provisions of the
>Convention regarding Abolition of All Forms of Women Discrimination;
>7 to contribute to the eradication of the violence against women;
>7 to fight against traffic in women;
>7 to plead for the setting up of educational and health protection
>systems and of an environment favorable for mothers and children;
>7 to contribute to the education of women based on the acknowledgement
>of their role and place in the society, on self-respect and civil dignity;
>7 to contribute to the adaptation of women to the market economy
>conditions and values;
>7 to support the promotion of the principle of integral approach to
>gender equality at all levels.
>Target group and why this target group :
>4 persons compose the target group : Ala Mandicanu, Zorina Shishcan, Lucia
>Olarescu and Mihai Popov. The group coordinates the work of the
>organization, on the one hand and the "Stop the Traffic" Program
>implementation, on the other hand.
>Short description of specific projects :
>The CNF has elaborated a special Stop the Traffic in Women and Children
>Program. The Priorities and Strategies of which are as follows :
>Priorities :
>1. Control of the trafficking in Women and Children phenomenon by:
>- Women s Non-Governmental Organizations co-operation in order to establish
>a regional anti-traffic network;
>- Governments sensitization for the traffic phenomenon and the
>promotion of the ratification and observance of the international laws and
>conventions dealing with the problems of concern;
>2. The establishment of the permanent contacts between the governmental
>agencies and the NGOs of the region to control the phenomenon of trafficking
>in women and children;
>3. The elaboration of the long-term strategies and the realization of
>measures on both national and international levels to control the
>Strategies :
>a) On the national level :
>I . The proposal for the ratification of international conventions
>regarding the traffic in women control (as mentioned above) and the
>adaptation of the national legislation to the international documents in the
>II. The formation of national networks of NGOs activating in the field.
>III. The establishment of the permanent collaboration between NGOs and
>qualified bodies.
>IV. Information and public sensitization campaigns regarding the traffic
>V. Actions for the traffic prevention and for the protection of the
>potential victims of the traffickers.
>b) On the international level :
>I. The proposal to make inter-governmental agreements related to the
>collaboration in the field, the traffic in women and children phenomenon
>control and the reciprocal protection of the citizens in the field.
>II. The help in creation of and participation in an international NGOs
>network for elaborating and implementing a common action plan to prevent the
>traffic phenomenon.
>III. Organization of a regional (international) conference once in two
>years on the problems of the trafficking in women (violence against women)
>For implementing the Program a number of Projects are realized :
>1) Stop the Traffic Project I. 1999
>The Project goals :
>- To inform and bring up girls and women in order to prevent their
>involvement in traffic activities.
>- To get girls and women closer/familiar with their basic rights.
>- To develop their self-confidence, self-esteem capabilities.
>The implementation of the Project:
>Composition, translation, publishing and circulation of different written
>materials for children, women, teachers.
>2) Stop the Traffic Project II.end of 1999
>The Project goals :
>- The realization of the national strategies I, IV and V and the
>international strategy I of the Program.
>The implementation of the Project:
>The organization of the seminars of national conference type. The first has
>been devoted to the psychological, sociological and cultural aspects of the
>problem of concern. The second one to the legislative, political and
>management aspects.
>3) NGOs against the Traffic in Women and Children Project.
>The Project goals :
>- The realization of the national strategies II, III IV and V of the
>The implementation of the Project:
>It is being realized along with other women NGOs. A number of seminars and
>workshops for young women is being organized on the topic of concern
>throughout the country.
>Prevention and Education Campaigns regarding : Traffic in Women ,
>Violence against women
>Social Assistance Campaigns regarding : Traffic in Women Violence
>against women
>The definition of trafficking in women:
>Transportation of women and trade in them in the form of their hiring for a
>job abroad.
>( It is a preliminary definition).
>4) Co-operation :
>If your organization co-operates within your country with other
>organizations in "shared" projects :
>Yes, the CNF co-operates with NGOs, women NGOs, governmental agencies and
>international organizations for implementing its projects. For instance, the
>projects mentioned above have been sponsored by the international
>organizations and in this sense can be considered as the shared ones. The
>1-st project has been granted by the USAID. Besides, the Ministry of
>Education of Moldova contributed a lot to its implementation. The 2-nd and
>the 3-d Projects have been supported by the Soros Foundation and the UNDP.
>The CNF having gained the grant for the 3-d Project, shared it with the
>Civic Initiative women NGO (Chisinau). Besides, such women NGOs as
>Association of Women Social Protection (Chisinau) , Crisis Centre (Baltzi)
>and Rural Women Association (women NGO that is under the CNF umbrella) also
>contributed much to the implementation of the Project.
>Best wishes,
>Ala Mindicanu President CNF

On Fri, 17 Mar 2000 09:23:21 Wade Hillier wrote:
>Very interesting conference could I get more info on when, where etc...
>>>> "Jill Thompson" <> 03/15/00 07:00pm >>>
>Dear List:
>In preparation for an upcoming conference on trafficking in human
>beings in the OSCE region (Europe and former Soviet Union), I am
>seeking information on the following:
> 1) examples of good policies and practices for the treatment of
>victims of trafficking involving States/ governments, particularly
>(though not limited to) Central, SouthEastern, or Eastern European
>governments. (I am acquainted with good laws/practices in
>Netherlands, Belgium and Italy).
> 2) experts qualified to discuss examples of trafficking for
>purposes other than the commercial sex industry (such as
>domestic servants, agricultural or factory workers) and/or
>trafficking in children for forced labour/servitude (including sexual
>exploitation) within Europe or involving European workers.
> 3) recommendations for good speakers to address the human
>rights aspects of the trafficking problem (including trafficking in
>women and forced prostitution) before a large audience.
>Thank you in advance for whatever ideas you can provide.
>Jill Thompson
>Advisor on Trafficking Issues
>(48 22) 520-0600

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