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Subject: Hungary
From: John Davies (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 09:01:15 EST

Please post this for me.

I can only wonder if IOM are living in the same Hungary as the rest of us.

Since Hungarians can now take part in the UK and other Au-pair schemes and
many respectable agencies can now place young Hungarian women with families
throughout Europe as au-pairs. References are usually required and bad
experiences are no more than for other au-pairs.

When we interviewed young women in Southern Hungary the vast majority knew
about the possibilities for sexual abuse in migration and could offer
suggestions on how to protect themselves.

To advertise sex work abroad such as strip tease or go-go your advert will
be placed in a section called sex work and to place the ad you have to be a
registered company which includes among its activities: employment agency.
Mobile phones are used but the use of the mobile phone immediately creates
suspicion among applicants. Adverts are often explicit and any contact with
the agent will nomally invite questions about your previous experience in
sex work. Agents are looking for young women who are experienced and able to
work in several locations throughout Europe. Inexperienced women are often
advised to get work experience in Hungary..

Hungarian young women are not particularly stupid or naive and are very
aware of the risks, as evidenced by the use of registered placement agencies
by young women who want to avoid sex work.

The main problem remains the abuse of Hungarian sex workers by unscrupulous
employers in Western Europe. Abuses which are possible because these women
are denied labour protection.

Salamon Alapitvany

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