House Bill Would Curb Sex Slavery

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Subject: House Bill Would Curb Sex Slavery
From: Migration Research (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 11:04:00 EST

This amendment shows the real concerns and interests of the US
Government.(details in article below).

Rather than risk contrived incidents of people abusing any system they
have unanimously excluded people they consider "innocent victims and sex
slaves" to deportation through the INS civil law procedures.

There is no real concern to put appropriate procedures in place to screen
out contrived applications and then assist women who have been abused. Just
throw them all out, including the "victims." Who is being helped by this and

Is there a presumption that in exchange for US residency women would be
prepared to enter "trafficked" sex work? Certainly I have met Haitian sex
workers who would be willing to be trafficked to the USA for low paid sex
work in difficult conditions if after a year they could claim US residency
as having been "trafficked". The value of US residency is worth being
"trafficked" for some women.

Is this amendment a tacit recognition that most trafficked women are sex
workers or people intending to enter sex work and that the US does not want
to be seen extending a "refugee status" to sex workers. However if you want
laws that outlaw the international and internal movement of sex workers,
there are consequences, especially if all these people are then
reconstructed as the victims of organised crime. All victims of crime
deserve restorative justice and a resolution that does not return them to
the arena of their previous exploitation.

So the young woman who gave evidence two weeks ago is a victim of violent
crime in the USA, but this law will return her to the circumstances in which
she was vulnerable to exploitation in the first place.

Countries of destination are responsible for the crimes that take place in
their jurisdiction and to compound the vulnerability of the "victim" by
deporting her back to her original circumstances is a real crime ! A
restorative justice system would accept responsibility and work to give her
back real control over her life and certainly keep her removed from her
original vulnerability.

What a charter for abusers ! If you report me I might go to prison, but you
will be deported.This amendment empowers the abuser.

This is a grubby piece of legislation that does nothing for abused women in
sex work and this amendment reveals that those in power realise that if US
residency was available to "trafficking victims" it would be a considerable
incentive for foreign women to enter sex work in the US and that most of
these women would likely be sex workers or people willing to engage in sex
work if it meant they could get US residency.

John Davies

> House Bill Would Curb Sex Slavery
> .c The Associated Press
> WASHINGTON (AP) - A House bill designed to protect victims of the
> growing international sex slavery trade would allow child victims
> brought to this country to stay in America.
> As originally written, the measure would have allowed any person,
> regardless of age, who claimed they were brought to the United States
> as a sexual slave would have been eligible to stay in the country
> under certain conditions.
> But Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary
> Committee's immigration panel, offered an amendment limiting
> eligibility to victims aged 16 and younger. The subcommittee approved
> the legislation by unanimous voice vote.
> Without the change, he said, the law could ``open the door to a
> significant number of fraudulent claims and lead to a massive amnesty
> for illegal aliens.''
> The issue of sexual slavery and how to curb what officials say is its
> rapid growth has been on the minds of Capitol Hill lawmakers.
> The victims, usually women and children are often told they have jobs
> waiting for them by a trafficker in their home country. But once they
> arrive, they are forced into servitude as prostitutes or in the
> pornography industry.
> Two weeks ago, a Mexican woman told a Senate committee how her quest
> for a better life turned her into a sexual servant and made her one
> of the estimated 50,000 women trafficked to the United States for
> illicit purposes.
> The woman said she was forced to work six days a week and 12-hour
> days, serving between 32 to 35 clients a day.
> Solid numbers on the scope of the problem are hard to come by, but
> best government estimates show at least 50,000 women brought into the
> United States annually for forced labor, the White House said.
> White House officials said that with as many as 2 million women
> worldwide forced into sexual slavery, the sex trade seems to be
> increasingly replacing narcotics as a favored illegal trade activity.
> The measure would authorize $94.5 million over two years to battle
> the sex trade. The effort would be monitored by a new multi-agency
> task force under the State Department.
> Funding would be used for counseling and treatment of victims and to
> coordinate efforts with foreign governments and independent agencies.
> AP-NY-03-08-00 1639EST
> Copyright 2000 The Associated Press.
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> -Ben Burch
> Necessity is the excuse for every infringement of human freedom.
> It is the argument of the tyrant and the creed of the slave.
> -- William Pitt, 1763

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