News/Lagos: Human Trafficker Held With 10 Girls

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Subject: News/Lagos: Human Trafficker Held With 10 Girls
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 10:18:37 EST

                  Human Trafficker Held With 10 Girls

OTC 2/19/00 2:58 AM

 Lagos (P.M. News, February 18, 2000) - A Lagos-based businessman has
been arrested by the police in Lagos State over his alleged involvement in
human trafficking for international prostitution and related crimes.
   The suspect, whom the police identified simply as Jinadu was arrested
last week by the police at Ilogbo Post, near Okokomaiko, following a
tip-off by undercover informants. His operating bases were identified as
Lagos and the Republic of Benin.
   Police sources revealed that before his arrest, he had been placed
under close surveillance until nemesis caught up with him last week.
Following, a tip off, detectives reportedly stormed the enclave where he
kept teenage girls for onward transfer to foreign countries. Ten girls
between 15 and 19 years of age were allegedly rounded up and taken into
police custody.
   Their sponsor was also arrested during the raid. Police sources said
two other people have been declared wanted in connection with the
   The teenage girls were said to be waiting for travel documents to
enable them cross the border to Benin Republic for onward movement to
Europe for commercial sex when they were nabbed.
   Police investigations revealed that before the carpet was removed under
the feet of the commercial sex merchant, he had successfully exported over
10 girls to European countries. P.M.News learnt the man and his ten girls
have been transferred to the Force CID for proper investigation.
   Recently, the police authorities raised Anti Human Traffic Squad
(AHTS), at the Force CID to monitor illegal exportation of teenage girls
for international prostitution. No fewer than 150 teenage girls mostly
>from Benin, Edo State were recently deported from Italy and Germany over
their involvement in commercial sex in those countries.
   By Gabriel Orok
 P.M. News. Distributed via Africa News Online.

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