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Subject: Re: Kosovan sex workers
From: Ala Mindicanu (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 09:24:43 EST

Dear Friends,
we are an NGO interested in trafficking issue. We would like to apply for your project.
We send you some information about us:


(Consiliul National al Femeilor - CNF) is a non governmental organisation registered in June 23, 1998. It has been an umbrella organisation incorporating
14 other women and youth NGOs: Sinergie, Daruire, Woman and Society, Youth Association, Association of Rural Women, Femeia cu multi copiietc.
Chair  Ms Ala Mindicanu, MP, president of the Christian Democratic League of Women (political party); Vice - president of The Human Rights Committee, President of the sub-committee of Equal Opportunities (in Parliament)

 The main aims of the CNF:
 to promote women in decision making bodies;
 to fight against violence in family and society;
 to help women during the period of transition to market economy;
 fight against trafficking of women for prostitution;
 social assistance to vulnerable strata, medical information and education etc.
Recent Activities:
 brochures and leaflets to prevent involvement of girls and women in prostitution published and distributed in schools, NGOs (Financial support USIA);

 A draft Project for regional Conference in Traffic to be held in Chisinau, September-October 2000 submitted to Soros Foundation;

 Project with UNDP Centre for Human Rights in R. Moldova 
Support to Ratification of UN Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Prostitution of Others and Convention
for the Suppression of the Traffic in Women and Children;
The activity of combating traffic constitutes on information, education and preventing measures (two seminars, 3 round tables TV programmes etc);

 A Bulletin of the Center for Information and Documentation of the Council of Europe . The issue was dedicated gender mainstreaming in the Republic of Moldova.

Lobby: the adoption of the Law on Equal Treatment and ratification of the above mentioned Conventions etc; adoption of the amendments to the Law on Political Parties;
staff: 4 persons. Address Chisinau, Str. Romana,1 CNF. Tel. 373.;3732.23.26.55;
fax: 3732.23.43.40 E-mail:
or or

About mrs. Ala Mindicanu, CNF"s President:
Date of birth:December 14,1954, Republic of Moldova
Graduated Journalist 77 State University Chisinau
Graduated as Master foreign relation, Aacademy of Public Administration  1997
 Ph.D Academy Econmimic Stadies Dissertation : Women represenation in decision Making

Pariticipation In several Intrenational Countireis on womens issues:<
Vienna  1994
Beijing - 1995-
Helsinki - 1997
Cambridge, Berlin  1998
MP  since 1994 the only women ellected twice. 94  94 ; 98  2002;
Vice president of the Human rights committeee,
Preesident of the subcommitte of egqulia opportunity
 Languages- english, french, russian, romanian

President of the PoliticaL Party WOMEN Chriistian Democratic League,

We will be glad to receive from you application forms.

 n Wed, 9 Feb 2000 09:22:55 Migration Research wrote:
>Dear List,
>We are presently interviewing numerous Kosovan sex workers for a migration
>research project in France and the accounts regarding their induction to sex
>work is varied. We will report more fully in the Summer regarding this
>project. Anyone interested in receiving updates should send us a message
>with "updates" in the subject line. We would ask journalists NOT to apply.
>However with regards to non-Kosovans engaged in sex work in Kosova part of
>the pull to Kosova is that many nationalities do not require visas to enter
>Yugoslavia. Once in Kosova it is no longer so easy to transit via Albania to
>Italy as local interests now want to keep the women for work in Kosova.
>Many women could be diverted from Kosova if other routes to travel to the EU
>were available. However because of a reported reduction in "entertainer"
>visas for Belgium and Switzerland intended to prevent "trafficking", many
>women now have to use far more hazardous routes of entry into Western
>There seems to be a growing policy of seeking to restrict the movement of
>women, as a means of protecting them.
>Salamon Alapitvany

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