Meetings in Hungary

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Subject: Meetings in Hungary
From: Migration Research (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 16:51:18 EST

The Salamon Alapitvany is planning to host a few mini think tank two day
meetings for people working around regional sex work and sex work migration
issues at its centre in Southern Hungary throughout this year.The working
language will be English, although Hungarian and Romanian translation will
be available.

The idea is to give sex work activists and others from Central and Eastern
Europe a chance to meet and discuss informally issues of common interest.
The groups will be less than 10 people each time and the Salamon Alapitvany
will invite a speaker with particular expertise to moderate the sessions.
The sessions will also be an opportunity for developing regional links and
sharing experiences.

It is also intended to include migrant sex workers in some sessions.

There will be some travel grants for Central and Eastern European
participants, accommodation and all meals will be provided at the Salamon
Alapitvany centre.

There will be some places available for participants from Western Europe,
but there are no travel grants available to such participants.

We are intending to hold the first meeting in April and then others later in
the year. The first moderator will be Carol Leigh of the Prostitution
Education Network from San Francisco.

If you would like to attend or receive more details, please send us a
message with "Meetings" in the subject line, and a message telling us about
your interest and work.

Salamon Alapitvany.

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