Sex work in Kosova

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Subject: Sex work in Kosova
From: Migration Research (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 08:30:47 EST

In response to various requests for more information we can supply the

We informed the list several months ago that more Hungarian sex workers than
usual were leaving our area for work in Macedonia and Kosova. We are based
in Southern Hungary near the Serbian border.

These sex workers worked mainly in Pristina, where we had connections from
before the troubles.They reported that the Russian KFOR were bringing women
in for sex work, which repeated the pattern established in earlier years by
the Ukrainian contingent of UNPROFOR in Croatia. They certainly reported
that most of the Ukrainians, Bulgarians, and Moldavians in Kosova they met,
were experienced sex workers, but were paid very poorly and their conditions
were very harsh.

Many of the Ukrainians had been told that they would be working in the West
and they wanted to leave Kosova to go home or go onto Italy or Greece. Some
of the Ukrainians who had come from Greece and had been working in Greece
with false papers, left Kosova after a few days and went back to Greece,
saying it was impossible to work safely in Kosova.

Other Ukrainians said that they could learn to speak Serbian very quickly
and that they then intended to get Yugoslav papers and go to the West as
refugees. The cost of a blank kosvan birth certificate is approx. $100.00,
with this paper you can make a refugee claim in the West.

Anyway the Hungarians were making $10.00-15.00 for oral sex, $20 for regular
sex, however once they had use of a house they could get $80-100 for an
hour. They believed their clients were KFOR soldiers, NGO staff, OSCE staff,
and quite a few locals. They had to pay the KLA ? some money for protection.
The KFOR troops would take off their insignia and identifying badges, and
the Americans would say they were "Russians". However there was considerable
confusion regarding the identification of clients and the most accurate
description would be that most clients were not local people. They also
reported with some surprise, two female clients.

After several weeks they were very scared they might be robbed, as a lot of
people knew they were making money, so they arranged for a couple of male
friends from Hungary to collect them.

They do not intend to return until things are more settled.

Their opinion was that the locals, Serbs and Albanians are very abusive of
all women not just sex workers, and that every woman in Kosova was a slave
in fear, and that any women who could should leave Kosova. They said that
they made friends with some local girls who would like to do sex work in the
West but they couldn't find anyone trustworthy to take them to the West.

Salamon Alapitvany

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