GSN Human Trafficking Material

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Subject: GSN Human Trafficking Material
From: Richard Scharlat (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 10:17:14 EST

>From Melanie,

If anybody wants the attachment, please contact me directly at



Dear all,

Global Survival Network (GSN) is discontinuing its work on Human trafficking
in 2000.This development is due to an expansion that GSN is going through,
in which our
principle donor prefers that we focus on our environmental work. We had
hoped to carry on more investigative and campaign work to curb human
trafficking, but we are not in a position to turn down the opportunity to
stabilize GSN financially, albeit with conditions attached. We are very sad
to leave behind our work on human trafficking, and we want to make sure that
we can help others who do continue to work on this critical issue.

Therefore, GSN's human trafficking reports, videos, and other materials have
been transferred to the organization, "Witness," which is located in New

The contact details for ordering GSN trafficking materials (ie. "Crime &
Servitude," "Bought & Sold", "Trapped" and others) will be:

Attn: Gillian Caldwell
c/o Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor
NY, NY 10001-5004
212-845-5243 tel
212-845-5299 fax

GSN's web site will remain up until further notice, and in any event, we
will have a forwarding address if it changes. The current address is:

Some of my current colleagues and I personally remain very committed to the
cause of curbing human trafficking, as I know my former colleagues, Melanie
Orhant, Gillian Caldwell, and Jyothi Kanics do in their current positions.
Under GSN's new merger, I will be located in a new office in Bangkok,
Thailand. To be the best of my abilities, I will pass on any information I
come across on human trafficking, as I will be doing work in Thailand, Laos,
Cambodia, India, Burma and Russia over the next year and a half.

Please contact me if you have any questions about changes at GSN.I can be
reached at:


It has been a pleasure for all of us at GSN to work with all of you. I am
particularly thankful for the hard work of Gillian, Jyothi and Melanie (who
still run the STOP TRAFFIC listserve on their own personal
time), as well as the hard work that Rick, Ayu and Nousher did on our
Marianas Islands campaign.

I know there are differences among individuals and groups working on this
issue, particularly around the issue of sex work. On this issue, we at GSN
believe that one can be both "pro-choice" and "anti-abuse". Many sex
workers are NOT victims of trafficking and should not become victims of
"anti-trafficking" policies and campaigns, which must focus on those who are
truly trafficked (through deception, force, or coercion) to be effective.

We also hope to see anti-trafficking policies focus on other forms of
trafficking, such as domestic servitude, sweatshop labor, etc. In sum, we
urge everyone working on this issue to focus on increasing every human
being's ability to control his or her own life. So long as our work is
guided by compassion for other people, and not so much by personal anger or
politics, I think progress will be made.

The best of luck to all of you.


Steve Galster
Global Survival Network, now known as "WildAid"

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