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Subject: Different angle
From: Neeley Main (celndine@dhp.com)
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 08:44:13 EST

Hello Everybody,
I am a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh and I am working on
a project, well just beginning actually, that focuses on the trafficking of
women from/within Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. The problem is
that I am trying to approach the issue from a different angle. I want to
identify the traffickers, or the groups who are involved in trafficking.
This type of information is kept for those who traffic drugs and other
illicit materials, but I have never come across this type of information for
those who are involved in trafficking women. I know that much of the
trafficking is done rather informally, but there is some trafficking that is
handled by organized groups. There is tons of material out there about what
governments want to do, what NGOs want to do and what is being done for the
women who are victims of the trafficking, but there is little to nothing out
there about the people who have been caught, accused, and or convicted of
trafficking or being part of the trafficking process. Anyone have any
suggestions? I am going to be working with some software that will help me
to create a database and a visual representation of the links between the
groups and individuals. I am now at the information gathering stage and have
some bits of information, names, bars/clubs etc. What I would like to do is
find out if there is anyone else out there who is keeping track of this type
of information or knows how to begin getting this information. Any help is
greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Neeley Main

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