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From: Anonymous (anonconfidential@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Nov 27 1999 - 12:56:04 EST

Please post this for me.

This is a variation on an urban myth that resurfaces
every few months.

The US state department has a standard press release
that simply states that there has never been a
documented case of such a murder and organ sale.

Just imagine what is involved in such medical
procedures and then imagine creating the supposed
"massive world-wide" syndicate that supposedly
controls this practice.

This sort report belongs to the realm of supermarket
weeklies of which "Focus" is among the worse.

John Davies

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> By Allan Hall in Berlin.
> RUSSIA'S feared mafia gangs have moved into a
> depraved yet lucrative new
> trade - killing street children for their internal
> organs which are sold on
> to black market clinics in the West at exorbitant
> prices.
> Germany's secret intelligence service, the
> Bundesnachtrichdienst (BND), has
> compiled a report for the government chronicling the
> activities of the
> 'Organisatzya' in a burgeoning market in the old
> Soviet Union. Homeless
> children, it says, are being killed for their
> livers, kidneys and bone
> marrow.
> In Pullach near Munich, the home of the BND, a
> report was prepared recently
> for Chancellor Gerhard Schr/der concerning corpses
> of street children found
> in the last several years in St Petersburg and
> Moscow. Part of it reads:
> "The children, homeless, vagrant, have been found
> murdered, their internal
> organs removed."
> Germany has taken a keen interest in the activities
> of the so-called 'organ
> mafia' because of Russian mob activity in the
> country. Much of the Moscow
> underworld money is laundered in Germany and now the
> stolen organs from the
> murdered children are being sold to westerners, some
> of them inside
> Germany.
> Focus Magazine quotes the report in Munich saying:
> "Nobody in Russia really
> cares about these missing children whose organs are
> worth thousands of
> dollars a time. Only when their corpses are found do
> the police even bother
> to make a report out about it."
> The internal organ trade is a massive worldwide
> industry. But the
> systematic abduction and murder of street urchins
> adds a new and chilling
> dimension to the activities of a criminal fraternity
> bound by no moral or
> criminal code. Kazakhstan and Ukraine were named in
> the German secret
> service report as being two other prime areas where
> street children are
> kidnapped and killed for their organs.
> Organs are transported either to illegal Russian
> clinics or to private
> practices in the west where people are willing to
> pay thousands - sometimes
> tens of thousands - of pounds for no-questions-asked
> transplants.
> The black market clinics bypass the Central European
> Transplant list in
> Holland and tracing is difficult when police in
> Russia have such a
> lacklustre approach to the crime itself. And the BND
> is convinced that
> legitimate clinics also implant the criminally
> obtained organs because the
> accompanying false paperwork is so good.
> The BND report goes on: "The false paperwork about
> the organ donor and how
> the organ was obtained is often good enough to fool
> any legitimate clinic."
> Thieves in Law - the single most violent band of
> desperadoes that exists in
> Russia - is said to be behind the sinister new
> trade. On their bodies the
> Vory u Zakones - 'made men' who earn the title
> through murder - carry
> tattoos detailing their preferred methods of
> execution. There are
> blood-dripping knives, smoking guns, and even
> garrottes.
> Moscow gangbusters say the boys from Moscow and
> Odessa are harder, hungrier
> and more murderous than anything the American mafia
> ever produced.
> One Interpol agent said: "Before the fall of
> communism wise-guys often
> specialised in one single crime enterprise. These
> hoods are generalists.
> Whatever's going, they want a slice of the action.
> They are into
> everything. And that includes killing innocent
> children. To them the street
> kids are just dollar signs."
> Two years ago a wire-tap on a mafia drinking den in
> New York, planted by
> FBI agents posing as plumbers, highlighted the sheer
> brutality of the
> Russian mobsters and the lengths to which they would
> go to get rich by any
> means whatsoever.
> Dominick Montiglio, a mob turncoat who entered the
> Witness Protection
> Programme after the wire-tap was to be used in
> evidence against him, was
> recorded as saying: "These fers are into some real
> bad st. I hear they're
> killing kids and hawking their bodies like fing
> Frankensteins.
> "These Russkies, you gotta hand it to 'em. Ain't
> nothin' they won't do, but
> they got honour. They got the values of years ago.
> Hard, lean, mean and
> quiet. That's why they've gone so far."
> Earlier this year Germany announced a multi-million
> pound initiative with
> Russia to combat the influence of the Russian mafia
> in western Europe. Now
> their focus will expand from cars, computer fraud,
> drugs and money
> laundering to tackle the systematic execution of
> street children murdered
> for their organs.
> SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY 14/11/1999 P21

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