Fw: trafficking conference

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Subject: Fw: trafficking conference
From: La Strada ČR, o.p.s. (lastrada@ecn.cz)
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 06:29:31 EST

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Předmět: Re: trafficking conference

Dear all
I am forwarding a reply to and email sent by Joe
Doezema on 1.11. and 2.11.99 in which La Strada
Czech Republic
>would like to clear out the confusion regarding
our participation on the abolutionist conference
in Denmark in December 99: Neither my colleague
Petra Titlbachova nor La Strada Czech Republic or
any other La Strada organization ever agreed to
participate in the conference. We had been put on
the list of participants without our knowlegde of
the programme or our consent.
Last week we wrote an official letter to the
organizer of the conference, which I will attach
to this email.
>Best regards,
>Ms. Dorit Otzen
>International Abolitionist Federation
>Dear Ms. Otzen, Prague, 26.10.1999
>we are deeply concerned on the attitude of the
>International Abolitionist Federation during
>organising the international congress in
>Copenhagen (2.-4.12.1999).
>Even though Ms.Petra Titlbachová never agreed on
>participating in the meeting, she is registered
>a workshop leader on the official programm of the
>We would like to ask you to remove her and our
>organisation from the programm.
>Our organisation cannot agree with the aims of
>IAF as being an anti-prostitution organisation.
>They are contraproductive to our social work with
>victims of trafficking, who were not only
>suffering from extremely violent and dehumanised
>experiences but also from being criminalised by
>anti-migration and anti-prostitution laws within
>We respect different cultural attitudes towards
>prostitution and do agree with need of
>with NGOs to improve the legal and social
>situation of victims of trafficking. Therefore
>support the idea of keeping on the communication
>between abolitionist and non-abolitionist NGOs
>working in the field of preventing traffic in
>women. This dialogue, however, should start and
>take place in a neutral space and not under the
>umbrella of one part of the dialgue partners.
>Dipl.-Pol. Barbel Butterweck Mgr. Petra
>Co-ordinator for social support

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