Britons not in trafficking scandal??

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Subject: Britons not in trafficking scandal??
From: Tanya Foundation (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 12:14:06 EST

 Please post this for me.

This article really begs questions about
trafficking as a socially constructed phenonmena
of the first world, that is created to
criminalise second and third world migrants and
their migration systems.

Trafficking someone from Albania to France often
costs less than the prices of obtaining visas and
regular airfares. Just who is exploiting who?

Also the continued and apparently delibrate
confusion between "trafficking" and the coerced
or deceptive forced migration of some migrants,
is also appears as a convenient contrivance in
justifying mass criminalisation.

John Davies

November 13 1999 AUSTRALASIA

Britons top Australia's list of illegal


A MASS influx of boat people into Australia has
focused attention on the two largest groups of
illegal immigrants in the country - Britons and
The newest arrivals - from Iraq, Afghanistan and
Indonesia - have brought concerns that the "lucky
country" will be overrun with unwelcome visitors
unless it dispatches more immigration officers
abroad to deal with the problem at source.

Opposition politicians argue that greater
screening of potential immigrants in advance
would have prevented the latest batches of
arrivals, most of whom have been seeking to
improve their economic circumstances rather than
fleeing persecution.

The focus on non-Anglo-Saxon illegal immigrants
has brought charges of racism from the Ethnic
Communities Council in Western Australia. "I
suggest that there is a touch of racism in the
way the whole thing is argued," Ramdas Sankaran,
of the Council said. "There are 50,000 people who
have overstayed their visa. I wonder why this is
not being debated? Is it because the single
largest source is Britain [11.22 per cent]
followed by America [8.9 per cent]?"

Mr Sankaran said he shared the national concern
about illegal arrivals but Australia had a duty
to assess asylum applications properly.


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