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Subject: News/Russia: The leaders of the law enforcement agencies of the
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Mon Nov 01 1999 - 20:40:20 EST

                           Wednesday, October 20, 1999

               Itar-Tass domestic news digest of October 20: 5 =1.

   M O S C O W -- The leaders of the law enforcement agencies of the
 world's seven major industrialised countries and Russia, known as G-8,
 signed the final communique of their conference on crime in Moscow on
 Wednesday. In the course of the conference that ended on Tuesday, the
 delegates adopted a joint statement on combatting terrorism and approved
 the principles of transborder access to computer databases during the
 investigation of crimes involving high technology and communications.
 The conference participants also signed the governing principles and a
 plan of action to prevent illegal trafficking in people.

   M O Z D O K -- Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said federal troops will
 continue their operation in Chechnya until the last terrorist is
 destroyed. "The troops will not halt. They will fulfill their task to
 the end", Putin said in response to a question from the foreign
 journalisms at Mozdok airport after his meeting with the local
 population of Chechnya's Nadterechny district.

   M O S C O W -- Russia welcomes the election of the leader of the
 moderate Moslem organisation "Nahdatul Ulama", Abdurrahman Wahid, the
 new president of Indonesia and wishes him success in this high office,
 Foreign Ministry said. "We hope that under his direction Indonesian
 society will become more stable and united and the country will be able
 to solve complex social, economic and political problems facing it,"
 Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday. "We state with
 satisfaction that these were the first democratic presidential elections
 in the last decades," he added. Rakhmanin said Russia is confident that
 "traditional relations of friendship and cooperation that have developed
 between Russia and Indonesia will be furthered in all areas."

   M O S C O W -- Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin
 conferred with Chinese Ambassador in Moscow Wu Tao on Wednesday. Karasin
 and Wu had a "substantive discussion of the problems of strategic
 stability and security in the world in light of the deepening
 interaction between Russia and China in the international arena as the
 general international situation grows increasingly complex", the Foreign
 Ministry said in a press release. The Russian deputy foreign minister
 informed the Chinese ambassador about the "contents of the Russia's
 recent initiative regarding the START and ABM treaties, aimed at
 continuing the process of nuclear disarmament with the cornerstone 1972
 ABM Treaty fully preserved."

   M O S C O W -- The executive director of the U.N. Fund for Population
 Activities (UNFPA), Nafiz Sadik, held a series of meetings and talks
 with Russian officials during her working visit to discuss a wide range
 of social and demographic problems. "The results of the working visit to
 Moscow by the executive director of the U.N. Fund for Population
 Activities open new important prospects for cooperation in solving acute
 social and demographic problems in Russia," the Foreign Ministry said in
 a press release on Wednesday.

   M O S C O W -- Russia provided information about terrorist acts on its
 territory to all G-7 delegations that participated in the just-concluded
 conference on crime in Moscow, a high-ranking official said. Russian
 First Deputy Interior Minister Valery Fyodorov told journalists on
 Wednesday that the delegations were given information about more than
 1,000 people from the North Caucasus and a wide array of video materials
 pertaining to the terrorist acts in Russia. Fyodorov noted that Interior
 Minister Vladimir Rushailo held a series of fruitful meetings with
 members of the delegations, where they agreed to join forces in their
 fight against terrorism.

   M O S C O W -- Russia has its own databank and information on
 individual terrorists and whole groups of bandits, Russian acting
 Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov said. He said Russia and G-7
 countries share information because "there is a danger that after
 bandits have been completely destroyed in Russia, criminals will try to
 infiltrate other countries." Ustinov noted that the next meeting of the
 leaders of the G-8 law enforcement agencies will be held in Japan in
 2000. They will discuss, among other things, measures to combat
 terrorism. But the agenda has not been worked out yet.

   M O S C O W -- Russia hopes to get the next tranche of financial
 assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the middle of
 November, Deputy Foreign Minister Ivan Ivanov said. Ivanov, who is
 taking part in the 4th session of the Russian-Japanese Committee on
 Economic Cooperation, said the receipt of the next tranche should "give
 the green light" to the talks with the Paris and London clubs. Russia
 does not reject the London Club's demand that Vneshekonombank bonds be
 converted into government securities. However, such a decision will
 depend on how much of Russia's debt will be written off, he explained.

   M O S C O W -- Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said the next State Duma will
 represent an array of multi-polar forces. In an interview with the
 Govorit Moskva radio station broadcast live on Wednesday, Luzhkov said
 stable political associations are unlikely to form in the new Duma
 because it will address state and legislative problems for the sake of
 improving the life of people rather then pursue its own political goals
 as the incumbent Duma does.s

Melanie Orhant

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