News/India: Thousands of Bangladeshi women in Indian brothels,...

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Subject: News/India: Thousands of Bangladeshi women in Indian brothels,...
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Sun Oct 31 1999 - 14:08:20 EST

         Thousands of Bangladeshi women in Indian brothels,...

APwo 10-28-99 3:39 PM

   Thousands of women of Bangladesh are passing their days in the brothels
of India, it is gathered from a reliable source. The agents of the
international network of women and children traffickers have picked them up
>from Dhaka, Cox's Bazar, Teknaf, Jessore, Tangail, Satkhira, Noakhali,
Bagerhat, greater Barisal and greater Faridpur districts through the
trafficking points like rail line ghat near Benapole, Gatipara, Ghiba,
Bhulot, Putkhali, Saddipur, Raghunathpur, Daulatpur, Baroanchra in Jessore
district, Bhadiali, Kalaroa, Jhaudanga, Kushkhali, Kakdanga, Brojobaksha,
Madhabkati Boikari, Shatani, Rasulpur, Shakhipur, Tujulpur, Alipur, Kulia,
Parulia, Debhata, Bankal, Bhomra, Kaliganj, Shakra, Haraddah, Telkupi,
Basantapur, Benerpota, Taltula, Kumiru points in Satkhira district,
Maheshpur, Bhairuba of Jhenidah district, Jiban Nagar and Darshara of
Chuadanga district and different trafficking points of Meherpur and Kushtia
   It is gathered from different human nights organisations, rescued
victims and local journalists that the brokers and agents of the human
trafficking network apply various tricks and pleas for collecting women and
children. They take advantage of lack of awareness, poverty and dispute
over family affairs in capturing the victims. Later the collected victims
are shifted from one area to another. It is learnt that there are many
camps in and outside the country to be used as transit points for the
trafficked women and children. The brokers and agents reach the victims to
the next distinations after reciving green signal'. Dhaka is the biggest
camp for the trafficked women and children. Sayedabad, Kamalapur and Mirpur
camps are used by the traffickers to keep the victims collected from
different parts of the country. The linemen of the human traffickers
network then take the victims tot eh border areas.
   After trafficking them to India the brokers inside India take the
victims to the camps at Bongaon, Barashat and Bagdah of the 24 Parganas,
Kalighat, Bonbazar and Shonagachi in Calcutta, Maldah and Krishna Nagar in
Bohrempur, Delhi, Mombai and many other places. In 1991 the police rescued
40 childern from the hotel of Keshpal at Bongaon. The Indian police rescued
54 persons, including 28 children from two big camps in Maldah town on
January 23, 1998. The children were trafficked from Faridpur, Gazipur,
Brahmanbaria and Comilla. It may be mentioned here that women and children
are trafficked through those border points where the communication system
is developed although Bangladesh has a total of 4,222 kilometres of land
and water frontiers with India along the 28 border districts. Night coaches
are the main transport for trafficking in women and children. As a result,
over 100 of Jessore, Satkhira, Jhenidah, Chuadanga, Meherpur,
Chapainawabganj and Rajshahi districts are mainly used by the human
traffickers. Still the traffickers use the borders points of Jessore and
Satkhira. Mostly trafficking in women and children occurs under the nose of
the BDR and the police but they show little interest in nabbing the
culprits, it is alleged.

   Copyright 1999 THE INDEPENDENT all rights reserved as distributed by
WorldSources, Inc.

Melanie Orhant

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