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Subject: News/India: Trafficking in women, children: Most of the victim...
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 23:08:57 EDT

         Trafficking in women, children: Most of the victim...

APwo 10-15-99 Associated Press.

   Most of the women and female children lose their chastity while being
trafficked to India, it was disclosed at an workshop on trafficking of
women and children organised by Rights Jessore recently. It is gathered
that human traffickers, brokers, ghat owners, some people in the
administration and some so-called lawyers are involved in violating the
ill-fated women and children. The incidents of outraging modesty usually
occur at the traffickers camps at the border areas and at the illegal ghats
for trafficking women and children. A recent survey revealed a stunning
number of women and children violated by human traffickers and their
agents. The women in the clutches of traffickers are violated mainly for
two reasons. First, if a victim apprehends that she is being trafficked and
if she protests, she is gang-raped in front of the other victims.
   As a result, the victim loses her strength to protest any more for fear
of being raped. The other victims are compelled to obey the orders of the
brokers and the ghat owners noticing the heinous crime committed in front
of them. Secondly, the human traffickers rape those women who are shy and
afraid of making them habituated to illegal activities in a planned way.
After losing her chastity the victim easily realises what is going to
happen to her next. It is learnt from Benapole border that a young and
good-looking housewife (20), of a village in Kalaroa thana of Satkhira
district was being trafficked to India by her husband. The husband brought
his newly married wife to Goga, a bordering village in Sarsha thana
bordering West Bengal on September 24 to traffic her to India.
   Three women traffickers of the village namely Islam Khora, Zulu Mia and
Mizanur raped the housewife one after another in the house of Zulu Mia in
the same night. Being informed of the incident, chairman of Goga union
parishad caught the victim and her husband and handed over them to the
Sarsha police. The rapists fled to India. It was disclosed in a recent
workshop on women and children trafficking at the Rights Jessore office
that many such victims of rape were trafficked to India. On December 12,
1997 a young girl of Cox's Bazar was rescued by the BDR personnel from
Benapole border. She and her cousin Rashid were being trafficked to India
in the name of providing them with jobs in Pakistan. Three lawyers of
Jessore Bar freed them on bail. Rashid was sent back to Cox's Bazar for
bringing money and the girl was kept inside the lawyers bar. When Rashid
came back with the money, he did not find his cousin. He filed a GD with
Jessore Kotwali thana in this connection.
   Meanwhile, the three so-called lawyers took the girl to a solitary house
at village Kholadangh on the outskirts of Jessore town and kept her
confined there. The house owner Sona Mia's wife told the girl what would
happen to her. She also helped the girl flee from her confinement. The girl
took shelter in the house of a kind-hearted rickshawpuller after escaping
with his help. After recording her statement the police sent her to the
jail hajat. In course of an investigation the police learnt that many
victims were raped in that house previously. A young girl of Tangail
district, a garment worker, was raped in presence of five of her companions
while they were being trafficked through the Satkhira border on promise of
job in India. Guessing that she would be sold at a brothel, the victim
started shouting. At this the brokers raped her in presence of other
victims. It was learnt that a human rights orgainisation rescued her from a
brothel in Calcutta and she was later repatriated. Two women of Lalmonirhat
district were trafficked to India through the Putkhali border under Sarsha
thana. One of them was raped by the broker and the ghat owner at the ghat
as she had protested against trafficking. They were later sold at a brothel
at Shiliguri. When rescued from there by the Gonatantrik Adhikar
Sangrakkhan Committee of India, the victims narrated their ordeals.
   Copyright 1999 THE INDEPENDENT all rights reserved as distributed by
WorldSources, Inc.

Melanie Orhant

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