ANNOUNCEMENT: OSCE review conference and side meeting on trafficking

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Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: OSCE review conference and side meeting on trafficking
From: Jill Thompson (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 11:53:36 EDT



The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is
holding a Review Conference in Vienna from 20 September through 2
October 1999. The conference will address the implementation of OSCE
commitments relating to the Human Dimension (human rights, rule of law,
migration, national minorities, etc.) as well as issues relating to the
Economic Dimension and Politico-military aspects of security. Trafficking
in human beings and related issues will be addressed primarily during the
Human Dimension working sessions on 28 September (dealing with gender
equality and migration issues).

Under OSCE modalities, non-governmental organizations are free to attend
all Human and Economic Dimension working sessions and to make
contributions under each agenda item on an equal basis with government
delegations. By advance arrangement, NGOs may also distribute written
materials and arrange meetings with representatives of delegations,
international organizations and other NGOs on the mornings of 23 and 30

NGOs concerned about trafficking in human beings and related practices
are encouraged to attend the Review Conference and present a short
statement during the relevant working sessions (particularly on 28
September.) While formal, these sessions provide a unique opportunity for
NGOs to raise issues of concern with delegations from the OSCE
participating States and to press for greater accountability with respect to
implementation of OSCE commitments. (The current OSCE commitment
relating to trafficking states: “The participating States… will seek to
eliminate all forms of violence against women, and all forms of traffic in
women and exploitation of prostitution of women including by ensuring
adequate legal prohibitions against such acts and other appropriate

For further information on registration, procedures, and modalities, please
contact the NGO Unit at the OSCE Office of Democratic Institutions and
Human Rights (ODIHR) at 48-22-520-0600 or the OSCE web page at


In conjunction with the Review Conference, the OSCE is planning to hold
an informal side meeting on the topic of “Combating Trafficking in
Women in Post-Conflict Areas” on September 29 from 10:00-1:00. The
purpose of the side meeting is to provide an opportunity for in-depth
discussion amongst NGOs, government delegations and other participants
on this issue, and to explore actions that might be taken within the OSCE
framework, in co-operation with other international organizations and
NGOs. Issues to be discussed include:

The emergence of trafficking in post-conflict areas: the Bosnia
Lessonsfor Kosovo and the Balkans region
Exploringthe role of the OSCE in combating trafficking, particularly
    through its field activities and under the umbrella of the Stability Pact
Recommendationsfor regional action

NGOs and others interested in these topics are invited and strongly
encouraged to participate in the OSCE side meeting. Please note, however,
that the OSCE is not able to provide funding to attend. For further
information on the side meeting, please contact:

        Jill Thompson
        Advisor on Trafficking Issues
        OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
        { HYPERLINK }
        48-22-520-0600 x 4170

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