FW: Consultants Needed to Evaluate Ukraine Anti-Trafficking Initi ative

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Subject: FW: Consultants Needed to Evaluate Ukraine Anti-Trafficking Initi ative
From: Gillian Caldwell (caldwellg@LCHR.ORG)
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 14:17:28 EDT

Please post.

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From: Kantrowitz, Edward [mailto:EKantrowitz@msi-inc.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 1999 1:44 PM
To: 'Gillian Caldwell'
Subject: RE: Ukraine Anti-Trafficking Initiative

        Two consultants urgently needed for a USAID project: a qualified US
attorney and Ukrainian anti-trafficking expert

        Dear List member,

        As part of USAID (the US Agency for International Development)'s
anti-trafficking initiative in the Ukraine, we have been asked to assemble a
team to assess the legal outreach aspects of the various anti-trafficking
programs thus far funded by AID, and suggest recommendations / redesign for
AID's approach and implementation.

        Our team requires a Ukranian citizen that has _not_ recently (within
the last two years) worked for any USAID-funded project in anti-trafficking,
but who is outstandingly qualified to conduct the assessment.

        The ideal candidate has strong anti-trafficking experience and a
legal background/experience. A third country (non-Ukrainian, non-US)
citizen is acceptable, but should speak both English and either Ukrainian or
        at a professional competence. The project involves three weeks'
work total work in Ukraine. Your referrals to other people or organizations
are certainly welcome, as well. Further information will be sent to serious

        We are also searching for a senior-level prosecutor, preferably an
American citizen, with anti-trafficking and NIS experience, preferably with
language abilities.

        The documents we require from candidates are simply a (preferably
emailed) resume and the USAID Biodata form, which I can send separately to
interested candidates. Compensation will be based on the standard AID daily
rate calculation, based on consulting and employment history.

Ted Kantrowitz
Management Systems International (MSI)
600 Water Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20024 USA
(202) 484.7170
fax (202) 488 0754

Management Systems International (MSI)

Management Systems International, Inc. (MSI), a women-owned business, was
founded in 1981 with a corporate commitment to applying rigorous analytical
and management approaches to solving the problems of public and private
agencies in improving public sector management and the promotion of private
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demonstrated a strong commitment to its goal of helping programs and
organizations better serve the public by becoming more productive,
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The four primary areas of MSI's management expertise include performance
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implementing policy change. Working from an exceptionally strong base of
expertise in these areas, MSI has concentrated its activities in the fields
of effective and efficient governance, private sector development,
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all of these areas, is the firm's special expertise in assisting
organizations to incorporate gender considerations into management and
development programs.

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