Paper/US: New paper on temporary protection

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Subject: Paper/US: New paper on temporary protection
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 09:37:46 EDT

This may be relevant to vicitims of trafficking given temporary status in
the US.


>There's Nothing as Permanent As a Temporary Refugee
>Contact: Mark Krikorian, (202) 466-8185
>WASHINGTON (August 16, 1999) -- A new report from the Center for
>Immigration Studies examines the concept of temporary protection for
>foreigners in distress, and finds it wanting: ìWhatever the theoretical
>benefits of temporary protection, it is clear than in the real world there
>is nothing as permanent as a temporary refugee.î
>The report examines numerous cases of temporary protection extended to
>people from overseas, many here illegally -- starting with the Cubans in
>the 1960s, continuing through the Central Americans in the 1980s and the
>Kosovar Albanians over the past year. It finds a single exception over the
>past 40 years to the rule that temporary protection leads to permanent
>settlement: the Haitian boat people housed in Guantanamo in 1994, almost
>all of whom were sent back after the U.S.-engineered ouster of the military
>junta. This suggests the limited utility of temporary safe haven -- it can
>work only when offered outside the territory of the United States, to a
>group with little domestic political support, fleeing a country the United
>States will soon invade and occupy.
>The paper is relevant to a number of ongoing news stories:
>* The recent Clinton Administration proposal to grant amnesty to 500,000
>Central American and Haitian illegal aliens;
>* Next springís expiration of Temporary Protected Status for Honduran
>illegal aliens, granted in the wake of Hurricane Mitch;
>* The status of the 10,000 Kosovar Albanians brought to the United States,
>who the White House claimed would go home after the war, but 90 percent of
>whom are still here;
>* The promised expiration of Temporary Protected Status for Liberians in
>September, and legislation to grant them permanent residence, introduced
>earlier this year by Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed and Rep. Patrick Kennedy;
>* The recent arrival of thousands of Colombian illegal aliens in South
>Florida, and their demand to be granted asylum or Temporary Protected
>Status; Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart has introduced legislation to grant them
>green cards.
>The Center's new report, entitled Here to Stay: There's Nothing as
>Permanent as a Temporary Refugee, is now on line at
> The author is the Center's executive
>director, Mark Krikorian.
>Mark Krikorian, executive director
>Center for Immigration Studies
>1522 K Street N.W., Suite 820
>Washington, DC 20005
>(202) 466-8185 fax: (202) 466-8076

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