FW: Invitation to internet conference on sexual trafficking

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Subject: FW: Invitation to internet conference on sexual trafficking
From: Gillian Caldwell (caldwellg@LCHR.ORG)
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 12:33:54 EDT

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From: Juliette M. Engel, MD [mailto:miramed@halcyon.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 12:26 PM
To: caldwellg@LCHR.ORG
Subject: Invitation to internet conference on sexual trafficking

Please note: You can download the report "Preliminary Survey Report on
Sexual Trafficking in the CIS" in English and Russian versions directly from
the MiraMed Institute website:

http://www.miramedinstitute.org <http://www.miramedinstitute.org>


On June 29 from 3 AM to 5 PM Moscow time, MiraMed is sponsoring an All-CIS
chatroom on sexual trafficking. We would like to invite the international
community to join women and human rights organizations from across the
Former Soviet Union and Mongolia who will be coming online to discuss
trafficking in their regions.

Here are the details:


The international trafficking of tens of thousands of CIS women and children
for purposes of forced prostitution in over 43 countries of the world has
become a tragedy which will have immeasurable impact on the population of
the Former Soviet Union for generations to come.

It is a situation that can only be stopped by a combined strategy of
collaboration between foreign organizations working on this problem and
local CIS organizations struggling to find ways to control this cruel
practice in their communities.

A major problem always confronting CIS organizations is the difficulty of
communications between regional boundaries. The post is unreliable,
telephone service is expansive and with decreasing salaries, travel is
usually impossible.

However, the internet is accessible to all groups through the free access
University Internet Centers which are found in 55 regions of the CIS. All
of these centers offer free access to the internet to community groups and
many NGO's have computers in their homes or know someone with a computer at

Expanding on the use of the internet, MiraMed Institute is sponsoring a
series of live Anti-Sexual Trafficking chatrooms. The first chatroom will
be open on June 29 from 8 AM to 5 PM Moscow time so that participation can
be scheduled in each region of the CIS from 3 to 5 PM local time. The
chatroom will allow local groups to speak with groups from other regions,
oblasts, cities and countries. Participation requires that you have an
internet ready computer. Next week we will send you the private internet
address which will take you into the chatroom on June 29.

We are looking for participants from the international community with
computer access who are willing to be moderators for two hours during the
chatroom. International moderators will be paired with a CIS counterpart.
The chatroom will be in the Russian language and will require Russian
internet compability.

Moderators will be asked to welcome new guests who sign into the chatroom,
and to keep the flow of conversation going by asking questions that we will
suggest as well as questions and suggestions of their own.

Following the conference, we will ask moderators to give us input in the
form of an e-mail summary after the chatroom to let us know what can be done
to improve the format so that the next chatroom is better.

This is the first chatroom that most of the participants will have
experienced and therefore our goals are to begin dialogue between regions
and between local CIS groups and international organizations via the
internet and to acquaint participants with the use of the chatroom
technology so that they can participate in a series of chatrooms that will
be sponsored by MiraMed Institute on sexual trafficking. The next chatroom
is scheduled for September.

If you would like to be a moderator, please contact us by e-mail so that we
can schedule you, send you the special URL that will let you into the
moderator section of the chatroom and a list of discussion questions.

To participate as a "guest", you can log on any time on June 29 between 3 AM
and 5 PM Moscow time.

The private URL for the conference is:

http://miramed.glas.net/ <http://miramed.glas.net/>

We hope to meet you there in Cyberspace on June 29!

Please send responses to both of the following addresses:

julietta@glasnet.ru <mailto:julietta@glasnet.ru>
puchko@dol.ru <mailto:puchko@dol.ru>

Best wishes,

Juliette M. Engel, MD
MiraMed Institute
julietta@glasnet.ru <mailto:julietta@glasnet.ru>

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