JOURNAL:Re/Productions Issue #2- "Trafficking, Sex Work, Prostitution...

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Subject: JOURNAL:Re/Productions Issue #2- "Trafficking, Sex Work, Prostitution...
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Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 15:39:12 EDT

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Subject: [end-violence] RESOURCES 4/8/99 - 4/14/99

**** JOURNAL ****

Re/Productions Issue #2- "Trafficking, Sex Work, Prostitution:
Discourses and Representations from the Sub-Continent"

Re/productions Issue 2@
is the second issue of a new on-line journal currently fully accessible
and free to the general public! This issue discusses the complex issue
of sex-trafficking and AIDS in South Asia is discussed. The journal has
articles and readings on sex as work or slavery, child prostitution,
discourses of AIDS, colonial aspects of sex work, and background theory
. This journal is dedicated to disseminating work by scholars,
activists, and organizations exploring different discourses of
reproductive health and rights in South Asia.

The work available in the journal spans both academic and activist
accounts. The Journal contains articles, photo gallery, opinions, and
work from new academics and activists.

Some work currently available in our Second issue:

The Representation of Trafficking in Persons in Asia Orientalism and
Other Perils

Harriet D. Lyons, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

In the Belly of the Beast : Sex Trade, Prostitution and Globalization

 Jyoti Sangera, GAATW Canada


 Geetanjali Gongoli

Indian Prostitute as a Colonial Subject Bengal 1864-1883

by Ratnabali Chatterjee

And much much more

You can also access all these articles from the main homepage:

Re/productions is available through the web, through e-mail and in paper
format (in South Asia only). If you would like an article sent via
e-mail, or to receive the journal via e-mail, please send a message to with subscribe to re/productions in the body of
the message. You can also contact the Co-Editor Sushma Joshi at

This is part of the Global Reproductive Health Forum at:

The Internet is a rapidly emerging medium, both locally and worldwide.
It is a relatively cheap and easy way to disseminate large volumes of
information. Although larger organizations and corporate lobbies have
begun to take advantage of the medium to disseminate their information
and opinions, many womenís groups and other activists in the South have
yet to explore the potential of the medium. This initiative is an effort
to begin this exploration.

We look forward to your responses and also submissions and suggestions.

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