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Subject: GRANTS: NIS researchers, MacARTHUR FOUNDATION
From: Jyothi Kanics (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 11:41:57 EDT

>Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 14:56:18 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Center for Civil Society International <>

> x-posted from the eac-l list
>announces the annual Individual Research and Writing Grants
>competition under the Initiative in the Independent States of the
>Former Soviet Union for the year 2000.
>Eligible applicants must be citizens and current residents of any of
>the states of the former Soviet Union during the proposed grant
>period. Only projects designed and completed by one person will be
>considered. Those working on a full-time basis in an official
>government capacity are ineligible for consideration in this
>competition. This exclusion does not apply to those employed in
>member institutions of national academies of science or state
>universities. Emerging specialists and women are especially
>encouraged to apply.
>Projects supported under the Individual Research and Writing Grants
>program must fall into one of the following priority areas of the
>Foundation's Initiative in the Independent States of the Former Soviet
>Union: Law and Society Developing legal culture; public understanding
>of the role of legal procedures to protect citizens' rights; social
>welfare; public interest law; public access to information Human
>Rights Protecting civil liberties; economic and social rights; the
>rights of women and minorities; the impact of economic changes on
>women and minorities; supporting the equal participation in society of
>women and minorities; women's reproductive rights; monitoring of human
>rights violations Environment and Society Promoting sustainable
>development; preservation of biodiversity; public participation in
>ecosystem conservation; legal, economic, and social aspects of
>environmental protection and resource management; creative approaches
>to efficient energy production and consumption; economic and
>environmental impact of energy production and consumption Peace and
>Security Fostering broad conceptions of security that attend to root
>causes and effects of conflict, including environmental degradation
>and natural resource use, religion, ethnicity, migration, and uneven
>economic development; arms control and disarmament; weapons
>proliferation and regional conflict
>The Foundation will not consider in this competition:
>- Projects that constitute part of on-going team research;
>- Purely theoretical studies in the physical, chemical, biological and
>earth sciences which do not demonstrate clear practical applications
>and/or policy relevance; - Biological research focusing on particular
>plant or animal species (except those under threat of extinction); -
>Requests for support of publication of completed monographs; -
>Requests for publishing or disseminating newspapers and magazines; -
>Projects aiming to create computer data bases, which lack a research
>component; -Projects connected to one's Kandidat thesis.
>The deadline for submission of all application materials to this
>program is June 11, 1999. Grants will be awarded in February 2000.
>Deadlines for the 2001 and subsequent competitions will be announced
>in early 2000.
>Application forms as well as other relevant information concerning the
>Individual Research and Writing Grants competition can be received at
>the Foundation's Moscow or Chicago offices.
>Contact Information:
>MacArthur Foundation
>Moscow office
>Initiative in the Independent
>States of the Former Soviet Union
>Khlebny pereulok 8, floor 2, (Arbatskaia metro station)
>Russia, Moscow, 121069
>Telephone: (7-095) 290-5088
>Fax: (7-095) 956-6358
>MacArthur Foundation
>Initiative in the Independent States
>of the Former Soviet Union
>Program on Global Security
>and Sustainability
>140 South Dearborn Street
>11th floor
>Chicago, IL 60603
>Telephone: (1-312) 726-8000
>Fax: (1-312) 917-0222
>Best regards,
>Tatiana Nikitina, EIC Moscow.
>Education Information Center:
>Phone: (095) 234-0145/46
>E-mail: <>
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