The Future of STOP TRAFFIC

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Subject: The Future of STOP TRAFFIC
From: Melanie Orhant (
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 12:00:30 EDT

Dear List Members,

As many of you are aware, the STOP TRAFFIC mailing list has been maintained
by Jyothi Kanics and Melanie Orhant of Global Survival Network (GSN). At
the end of this month, we shall both be leaving GSN, but we want to make
sure that information continues to be disseminated via the STOP TRAFFIC
list. We know that many of you catalog this information, share it with
others and use it to illustrate the complexity and variety of human
trafficking worldwide.

We shall continue the list because of your positive feedback. Feel free to
contact either of us with questions or comments for the list at or Also, we shall be maintaining the list
on our own time, so please be patient! Although our salaries will no longer
be supplimented for facilitating the list, the list will be able to
continue thanks to the generosity of Friends & Partners
<> who maintain the list software and
provide us free archive space.

Currently we are in the process of seeking employment. We are looking for
new positions that would continue to keep us involved with the issue and
welcome suggestions from list members. Melanie would like to stay in the
Washington, DC area consulting or working full or part-time on the issue as
it related to USA or Asia. Jyothi is willing to relocate for the right
position and will continue her focus on the issue as it pertains to the
USA, Europe and the Newly Independent States. Please contact us
individually if you are interested in receiving a copy of our resumes.

Thank you for your interest and your participation!

Melanie Orhant & Jyothi Kanics

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