FW: Proceedings of the Workshop on Reintegration Strategies in Ca mbodia

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Subject: FW: Proceedings of the Workshop on Reintegration Strategies in Ca mbodia
From: ENGLE Lauren (LENGLE@iom.int)
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 11:30:08 EDT

Dear All!

Thougth some people might be interested! If you would like the
attachements, contact me directly at <morhant@igc.org>

Thanks, Melanie

"National Workshop on Reintegration Strategies. Building New Futures for
Women and Child Victims of Trafficking in Cambodia" was held in Phnom Penh
February 4-5, 1999. IOM organised the workshop in collaboration with the
Center for Advanced Study (CAS), the Ministry of Women's and Veterans'
Affairs (MWVA) and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Vocational
Training and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSALVY).

107 representatives from 35 governmental, non-governmental and international
organisations as well as donor agencies participated at the workshop. This
forum was first of its kind and was very much appreciated by service
providing agencies which expressed a need to share experiences and further
improve their fairly new activities. NGOs, which assist most victims of
trafficking in Cambodia, have an average 1 to 3 years of experience.

Annuska Derks, author of three IOM/CAS trafficking studies, was the main
resource person of the workshop. She presented results and recommendations
of her latest study 'Reintegration of Victims of Trafficking in Cambodia' at
the opening plenary session. Important national input on government efforts
to assist victims of trafficking and prevention of trafficking was provided
by a keynote speaker, H.E. Ms. Mu Sochua, Minister of MWVA and H.E. Mr. Nouv
Phearith, Under-secretary of State of MOSALVY.

Based on the recommendations of Derks' study, the workshop focused on four
challenging areas in reintegration in Cambodia. The focus areas, which were
discussed in four working groups, were:
* Counselling and follow up process
* Traditional resources in reintegration
* Reintegration of women and children with HIV/AIDS
* Innovations for income generating activities

The recommendations of Annuska Derks' study were internalised and further
developed based on the practical experience of the participants in the
working groups. Tangible results included, among others, an agreed
definition of counseling, a detailed guide to the use of traditional
resources in two phases of reintegration and an identified need to increase
general knowledge on HIV/AIDS so that reintegration of HIV/AIDS positive
women and children can succeed in Cambodia. Assisting survivors of
trafficking to generate income was found to be one of the most difficult
tasks in the reintegration process. Participants recommended that another
workshop be held focusing exclusively on this issue. Additional resources
were mapped in the working groups and means for cooperation were improved.

The recommended reintegration strategies developed at the workshop will be
incor-porated into the National Five-Year Plan Against Sexual Exploitation
of Children. The plan is currently being prepared by the Cambodian National
Council for Children. Commitment of the Royal Cambodian Government to
implement the Plan is sought at a workshop scheduled for May, 1999.

English edition of the workshop proceedings can be found below as an
attachment. Khmer version will be distributed by request. For further
comments and questions on the workshop, please contact Sari Nissi, Program
Officer in IOM PNH.

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