Kosova Crisis-Women's Center-Albania

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Subject: Kosova Crisis-Women's Center-Albania
From: Melanie Orhant (morhant@igc.org)
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 14:35:52 EST

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>Subject: Kosova Crisis-Women's Center-Albania
>Dear colleagues,
>All Albanian NGOs together with Albanian NGO Forum and Albanian Civil
>Society Foundation have prepared an plan of action for better
>supporting the Kosova Refugees.
>Four working groups have been settled for:
>*Organizing volunteers from different NGOs to help the Government
>Commission for Kosova Refugees coming to Tirana and Districts;
>*Organizing humanitarian aid from different sources (organizations
>and individuals) and taking care for their distribution;
>*Helping in information gathering and dissemination of it through
>over the country and abroad, in particular documenting atrocities
>against Albanians which will be intended for use in any subsequent
>trials for crimes against humanity;
>*Organizing a peaceful manifestation (Apir 1, 1999. 18.00 p.m.) in
>the main square "Skenderbej" of Tirana for supporting NATO actions
>and denouncing the ethnic massacres of Albanian in Kosova
>As one of the active women's organization in Albania, Women's Center
>call upon all women's organization all over the world to raise up
>voices regarding the situation of people in Kosova and particularly
>women and children.
>We are calling all international agencies, organizations to help with
>humanitarian aid the Kosova Refugees in Albania.
>Two international agencies are taking care for distribution of
>Humanitarian Aid:
>UNHCR in Albania
>phone&fax: + 355 42 28474/28492
>CRS in Albania
>phone &fax: + 355 42 34099/40144
>And Albanian Red Cross
>phone: + 355 38 20 24 030
>Honoured colleagues,
>The situation in the Balkan and in Kosova in particular is more than
>tensioned. Belgrade regime and the military machine under the hands
>of Miloshevic, has decided to go to the end of his absurd ideas by
>putting into fire not only Kosova, but the whole region. The
>situation in Kosova is very grave and dramatic. The NATO attacks
>against the Serbian military sites are faced with the ethnic cleasing
>of entire villages and now is being spread in setting up the
>concentration camps, massive killings among the innocent civilians
>and recently with the hunting against the intellectuals and
>politicians of Kosova. There are mounting evidence from a number of
>different sources now that terrible things that are happening in
>Kosova. The wish of the Albanian population in Kosova for peace is
>responded by Serb military with oppression, soil and air bombardment
>of whole areas. According the recent information the displaced from
>Kosova is amounted to about half a milion people. More than 100,000
>have entered the Albanian border only during the last four days.
>Their number is increasing with each passing hour. Humanitarian
>catasfrophe warned out since several months is now becoming a reality
>in Kosova. Thousands of people from Kosova are shocked, ill-treated
>and hungry. They have left their relatives in Kosova, some are killed
>, some are displaced and situated at remote mountainous regions and
>men and boys are separated by Serb military and no one knows what
>happening with them. In order to make the ethnic cleasing a reality (
>about 25% of the territory) the Yugoslav authorities destroy the
>personal documents of the displaced and the respective vehicles
>documents by taking out the car registration number and saying to
>them: "this is Serbian land, don't dare to came back otherwise you
>will be killed". This is a clear genocide against humans at the end
>of this century. Killings, massive disappearance, genocide and ethnic
>cleasing is against the Albanian population in Kosova who
>historically has been in its own land. But it is, as well addressed
>against the western civilization and democracy.
>That's why it is never late that even at this stage of the
>aggravation of the conflict to speak out in common to protect the
>innocent lives, in defence of their human values and to prevent the
>further aggravation of the conflict.
>Addressing this message to YOU we do our bit in contribution for
>peace and stability in the Balkan region.
>Women's Center
>P.O. Box 2418, Tirana, ALBANIA
>Tel/fax: +355 42 23693

Melanie Orhant

Human Trafficking Program
Global Survival Network

P.O. Box 73214
Washington, DC 20009
T: 387-0028
F: 387-2590
Email: morhant@igc.org

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