ACTION: Purple Rose Campaign

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Subject: ACTION: Purple Rose Campaign
From: Jyothi Kanics (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 10:45:46 EST

For Immediate Release
8 March 1999

Contact: Maria Dumlao


New York -- GABRIELA Network launches the Purple Rose Campaign, a
nationwide effort that seeks to raise awareness on the sexual violence
and human rights abuses against women by extracting from the US
population, men in particular, a commitment to oppose the traffic in
women and a promise not to patronize the sex trade. A Purple Rose pin
symbolizes this oath.

Along with a pledge card, the Purple Rose pin serves as a visible
reminder of our collective responsibility and commitment to making the
world a safer and more equitable place for women and girls. Pins and
pledge cards are $1 per set, and are available at all GABRIELA Network
events nationwide.

The Purple Rose Campaign will include a series of educational activities
on and mass actions against violence against women, prostitution, the
mail-order bride industry, and labor export. GABRIELA Network, a
US-based multi-racial, multi-ethnic US-Philippine women's solidarity
organization, implements the Purple Rose Campaign as part of its ongoing
effort to bring attention to the global trafficking in women and the
devastating effects of globalization on the lives of the Filipino
peoples, particularly of women and children.

Women's lives are in grave danger. The increasing dominance of
transnational corporate interests, including trade deregulation and
market liberalization, has led to the mass displacement of both urban
poor and peasant populations in the Philippines. It has also led to the
appropriation of land and resources by foreign companies, the worsening
of work conditions, and a stripping away of workers' rights. All these
combined has led to increased labor migration, especially for women. As
they strive to make a living for their families, many women are pushed
into the sex trade and suffer extremely exploitative work conditions,
emotional, physical and sexual abuses, and violence, including murder.

Carolyn Antonio, New York/New Jersey Chapter Coordinator, says, "We in
the US must take an active role in bringing an end to the conditions
that force women into these dangerous situations--especially since many
of the policies that create these conditions originate from here... We
must raise our own and each other's consciousness, and act on that
consciousness. Taking part in the Purple Rose Campaign is a first

A coalition for the Purple Rose Campaign is in formation. All women's,
community, student, and progressive organizations are encouraged to

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