About March 8 UN Videoconference

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Subject: About March 8 UN Videoconference
From: Hanya Krill (hanya@brama.com)
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 14:29:38 EST

Greetings --

Most of you are probably aware of the UNIFEM organized videoconference "A
World Free of Violence Against Women" that is took place at the United
Nations today (Monday).

If anyone on this list attended, perhaps you could share your impressions
of the event. And if you weren't aware of the videoconference and didn't
make a reservation, you can link to the Realaudio broadcast of the
conference here:

for 28.8 modems, or

for 56K modems.

Or, follow the links on the UNIFEM website (http://www.unifem.undp.org/) to
the broadcast pages to watch and/or listen.

My own immediate impressions are that some powerful images were shown in
the video content, and powerful personal testimony to abuses were offered,
but that somehow, the conference lacked the kind of depth and impact that I
anticipated. It didn't seem to generate the kind of enthusiasm that I have
seen at other gatherings. Perhaps the video of the conference will be more
effective. Indeed, watching it now (on the website link above) as I write,
I hear the words again, and they are resonating more deeply within me now
than at the UN this morning. That is to say, the words at the beginning of
the video. Just as I wrote this, fyi, I find that there are some technical
difficulties with the web broadcast -- about 3.5 minutes into the video,
the sound gets cut off. I am able to see the Secretary General speak, but I
do not hear the words. Hopfully, the problem will be corrected soon.

-- Hanya

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